Monday, September 10, 2012

Gotta put a smile on :)

So I am not going to lie. This week was rough. The area was on fire and we had a couple families we were teaching and it all looked really positive. We had a baptism planned for a family this Saturday which was going to be awesome and this past week it felt like everything just slipped through our fingertips. We set some really high goals which last week seemed achievable and we didn't come close to achieving them. It was pretty discouraging. We have no idea if we will have a baptism this Saturday, but probably not. But even though we had a lot of problems and everything just seemed to come down at once, we still saw many blessings. We are teaching this one guy and he is really awesome and we have spiritual lessons with him because he is just so hungry for the gospel. He committed himself to try and get his wife and kids behind him in learning more about the gospel. We could very well see an awesome miracle this week from his desires to want more in life. Another tender mercy from the Lord this week is that we found a family of 5! But the husband isn't here in town. He is in Tampa. But the mom is from the Dominican Republic and she is really nice and he is from Espana, and they have the chattiest 3 daughters I have ever met... Two of them are twins who are turning 8 this week and the oldest is also 8. I don't know how the mom does it. But they were so nice. The little girls loved us, they grew up in Espana too. The husband comes down here every Tuesday, so we have an appt with them this Tuesday. Hopefully it goes well!

I also had bike problems this week. Flat tire!!!

Well this week was kind of depressing, but this one will be better! Even though we had a rough week, we still taught more lessons than in my first two areas haha. Well the church is true no matter how short my emails are.

Thanks for the prayers! Love ya!
Elder Christiansen

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