Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So this week was amazing it ended so awesome! There was an activity at the church on Saturday for Valentine's Day. A dinner that you payed for to help the YW do or go something or somewhere haha. Missionaries free though. :) So me and my date, Elder Sharp, went. It was pretty good. And we have this member, Ivelissee Ortiz (Eee-Bay-Leas) who is just amazing. She shares the gospel like no one else I have ever seen in my life! And she just recently enrolled for English classes at the college here and so she is just preaching the gospel like crazy! And so she brought two ladies that she met at class to the activity :).. And then her husband, Javier, brought his friend and his son to the activity as well. And then there was another lady who brought her friend, but she lives over by Orlando, so we can't teach her, but will see if we can send other missionaries over to her... And we invited all 4 of them to church on Sunday. Sunday came along and BOOOOM! Best Sunday of my mission! Hands down. We had Ramon (ivelissee's uncle) and his gf Carmen come who are not members. Then the 2 other friends of Ivelissee and their kids, then the two friends of Javier, then Marta (more to come on her), Maria came, some YW's bf haha, and this other lady named Isabel who her friend brought her! So there were about 10 non member's at church! 6 of them we have taught, two of them we have and appt with, one said we could stop by, and we didn't set anything up with the bf yet. So we were blessed beyond belief so that was amazing! And then after church Marta de el salvador, got baptized! And 6 of the remaining 9 stayed for the baptism and then there was a little dinner afterwards! I think the church frowns on food after church, but hey, we like to party :).. So it was the best best best Sunday ever. Miracles like crazy. Marta is amazing. She was so happy yesterday. The Spirit was felt strongly and it was just a wonderful baptism. It was a blessing to teach her. She is on the kindness level of Grandma Jean if that makes sense. Just sooo sweet and caring.
Also this week we taught Ramon and Carmen (ivelissee's uncle) and we taught the Word of Wisdom, they through away all their coffee stuff and smoking stuff right there with us and committed to stop that night! And they have a baptismal date for April 13th :).. It is so amazing to see how willing people are to change to have the spirit in their life. It is the greatest possession we can have.

We also taught this other guy named Carlos. He is really cool. It was a sweet lesson. We taught him before and left him the Book of Mormon and he read part of it then he got on the internet looked up stuff and kind of got anti-ed, so he brought that up, then we taught him the doctrine, all of his doubts were just erased right there on the spot, the spirit took over the lesson, then we started just asking questions, bearing testimony, teaching doctrine, and just being bold with him, it was amazing. At the end of the lesson he could feel God loved him, he knew there was a purpose to this life, he felt that Jesus Christ could heal him, and he knew that the internet is garbage and that the spirit is the true teacher. It was awesome!

Your prayers are working miracles over here. I love you all
Elder Christiansen

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