Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th, 2012

 So you don't even know how awesome my area is! Well there is a street
 here that is like little Mexico/South America, so you can just bike up
 and down it and talk to tons of Spanish. It is a big street too, so
 you don't really run into the same person twice too often. The only
 problem is if they are walking, it usually means they don't have a car
 and the church is pretty far away haha, but there are some that do.
 Sometimes I wish I could just build one of our churches right in the
 heart of little Mexico/South America. The work would go crazy! Haha.
 But we meet so many Spanish people it is insane! And a lot are pretty
 positive. We had a baptism this weekend for a guy named Marzolini from
 Colombia. It was awesome. I don't know if Georgianna got baptized in
 Minneola, but I hope so! It is a ward here where I'm at, but very
 small. I guess if they updated the records, they would turn into a
 branch again, and the Spanish people really work towards being a ward,
 so they aren't updating the roster haha. There were probably 80 people
 at church. The building is right across the temple and we do temple
 service every once in a while. We are right in the city with Universal
 Studios, DisneyWorld, Sea world is right outside of our area, and I
 Drive is in it (which is like the tourist spot). The city is awesome,
 and it kind of smells bad too. But there are Spanish, Portugese, and
 Haitan missionaries here. And English. So it is a wide diversity. Our
 apartments we live in are probably the best in the mission (I've been
 spoiled on my apartments) We have a bowling alley (free), basketball
 court, 3 story workout room, Subway, etc. The Orlando Predators
 football team live here as well, so there are some pretty nice cars.

 My body is trying to adjust back to the Spanish food. We can go to an
 appt at 5 and eat and another at 6:30 and they give us more food. This
 week I had Mondongo... Or in English. Cow stomach. The sauce was
 really good and the potatoes were good as well (I think they were
 potatoes) and the cow stomach had no taste, but a really gross
 oyster/rubber texture. So it wasn't too bad. Just made sure I put a
 little rice on my fork to go with the stomach. haha.

 We saw so many miracles this week. Praying for specific things and
 getting them. Prayers are heard and answered! The members in this ward
 are really awesome as well. This place is about to EXPLODE!

 O ya and my Spanish is rough haha but coming back slowly! Sometimes I
 have to stop mid sentance for a couple of seconds to try to remember
 some words.

Thanks for the prayers and support!
 Love and miss you all
 Elder Christiansen

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