Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th, 2012

So this last week was pretty awesome! We had some amazing lessons. And
we had quite a bit of lessons as well. We also found some new
investigators and a couple of families!
This week it rained and rained. Luckily it was our car week haha. We
drive a mini-van. Shout out to Donny. It is pretty awesome. We can fit
a lot of elders in the car and there is some room in it! It is fun to
pull up to someone's house in a huge car instead of a little one. You
take up just about their whole yard.
We tried to branch out a little bit this week and go explore different
places. We didn't find to much haha. It looks like all the Spanish are
right around us, but that is a very big blessing! I also saw Shaq's
house this week driving to a member's house. Maybe one of these days
we can have Prep-Day at his house and play some basketball.

We set a baptismal date this week which was pretty awesome. And we had
a super killer lesson with another guy. His friend (member) invited
him to hear the lessons a little while ago and he has been
progressing, but we had such a cool lesson. We all have little DVD
playersin our apts. and we got permission to carry it around with us
and we bought this little DVD called Mormon Messages and we just go
around and show them to people. And we watched a video at their house
this last week. The member was crying, the investigator was holding
back his tears like a champ, and we just sat silent after the video.
We didn't say much after that, just asked a couple questions and bore
testimony. It was so awesome. It seems like the best lessons that I
sit in are one's that I don't have anything to do with haha. A really
humbling experiance!
Today for Prep-Day we played a little indoor soccer, it was awesome.
And then some dodgeball and basketball. There are so many elders so
close, so it means a lot of fun. We also did some service at the
temple. That was really good as well. I went bad to my old weed
picking days. The only difference was that it was on temple grounds,
so the spirit was stronger haha. Apparently they have to replace Angel
Moroni every so often because he gets struck by lightning and his head
turns kind of black haha.
This week we are biking. Hopefully it doesn't rain to much. We heard
today that we have another general authority coming in August or
something like that. Should be pretty awesome. I'm excited. Meetings
here are the best. It is undiscribable (sp?) haha. But you just learn
so much and the Spirit just works the whole time so when you get out,
you want to take a nap.
My Spanish is struggling. I get toungue tied here and there, but it is
getting better. I love it.

We met with the Bishop this week and he is super awesome and so is the
ward mission leader. We will be seeing miracles here in the new
I have learned something out on my mission. And it is that we should
always follow the counsel of our leaders. Whether it is the prophet,
mission president, district leader, bishop, etc. When we follow their
counsel, miracles come to pass. And if we are leaders, we shouldn't be
scared to promise results because the Lord will back it up always if
we invite by the Spirit. We have seen so many amazing things because
of listening to our leaders.
Love and miss you all thank you for the prayers.
Elder Christiansen

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