Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6th, 2012

So this area is so awesome. I would love to finish my mission here haha. We keep seeing so many miracles. It is unbelievable. They come from the Lord, and my companion helps bring them by his faith, patience, and good attitude. It has been awesome serving with him these past two weeks.
We have an awesome investigator who should be getting baptized this week if all goes well. Listen to her story. So the missionaries started teaching her in April, when I got here in June, she had just started progressing with reading the BofM (I love reaping the rewards of other's labors). Then she started coming to church. She came to see a baptism as well. She is really poor, and the other week she got a job that she was going to need in order to pay her rent for this month. It would mean she would have to work on Sunday. (all Spanish ladies here usually work in hotels by Disney and stuff and the biggest day of the week is Sunday, so they all have to work on Sundays) And she accepted the job. We told her to pray that night on whether to go to church or to go to work. Well she quit her job and tried to go to church. That is some faith. So currently she is broke, needs $600 to pay her rent like this week (no mom you can't send me a check to give to her). Her sister went to jail, so she has to watch her three kids and her own three kids, she barely has any food, she is reading the BofM everyday and praying and going to church when she can. She is going through a really hard time, but she says she feels peaceful. I know it is because of the Holy Ghost in her life. Living the gospel is truly the way to peace and happiness. Just because we live the gospel doesn't mean things are easy, but it does mean that we can endure things with more peace, help, and strength from our Father in Heaven. She has been an example to me in my life and I have seen the power of the Atonement working in her.
We also have a family of 3 that should be baptized pretty soon, so that will be super awesome! We are also teaching this guy named Elias that is soooo cool. We have the most awesome investigators.
Spanish is better. The Lord blessed me so much. I came back to Spanish work and at first I was a little slow on the language, but by the 3rd week, my Spanish was twice as good than when I left to English work I felt like. Maybe some exaggeration, or not, but I feel like my English is worse now haha. When I re-read my emails, they aren't very well written. O well.
I went to visit a member the other day who I didn't know and hadn't seen (so I thought). When I sat on her couch she said I had gotten fatter. It was kind of funny, guess I got to weigh myself.
Well the church is soooooo true! The priesthood is real. God's love is real. Miracles happen everyday. Hard times are blessings.
Peace, love, and missionary work.
Thank you for your prayers, pray for your own missionary work! It is the best
Here comes bike week, in the middle of August. Turn it up!!!!!
Elder Christiansen

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