Monday, October 8, 2012

Geek Squad!

So funny story to start it off... We sometimes get people that make fun of us from their cars calling us Geek Squad.. The Best Buy group thing or whatever that fixes computers. But one night we were riding on our bikes and this black girl walking her dog stopped and looked pretty excited to see us. She asked us if we were Geek Squad. I wasn't sure if she was joking or serious, so I said "yes we were!" Just to see if she was serious or not. She then got really excited and just went off about how she had had a computer problem. I stopped her a little ways in her chattering, laughing, and told her we weren't geek squad, but missionaries. We then shared a little bit with her and asked her if she would be interested, she wasn't interested, so as we parted ways I told her thanks for making fun of us and we both walked away laughing. :)... As missionaries we just have too much style I guess sometimes.

For everybody worrying out there if I voted or not, I just sent in my absentee ballot. Don't worry it's on its way to Fallon. I was going to joke with Grandma Jean and tell her I voted for the person she told me not to vote for, but I was scared she would fly out to Orlando and beat me up before she read the next sentence saying just kidding. Haha. I love you Grandma Jean! :).. Shout out to Tom Stockard, voted for him as well :).

My companion was biking this week and he was looking down because his pants got caught in his chain and he ran right into a telephone pole. Luckily there wasn't too much blood. He was able to walk it off in a couple of minutes. So it was funny after that. That was his second crash during the week. The first one happened as I stopped to talk to someone and he was riding up to us and there was a hole he didn't see, and he went right into it and over the handlebars. I saw it, but the person I was talking to at the bus stop didn't see it. She was telling me something and I just started busting up laughing and she didn't know why. I hope he makes it till the end of his mission without too many more accidents!

We had some pretty cool lightning shows this week. It was like fireworks. It would strike and then you would see little sparkling spots afterwards, that was cool.

We have been seeing some success with Less Actives. We helped one come to church and after church she decided to give up coffee! She has been doing a great job at it. It has really been a struggle for her. Also a different Less Active single mom started coming back to church with her kids so that is great as well.

On Saturday we had a little General Conference Super Bowl like party. We watched it at an investigator's house on a projector. There were 3 non-members, and four members there, it was pretty awesome. We also saw miracles in between the sessions that day. When you have the spirit with you, everyone is interested. It was just another testimony of how true this church is. Conference was great. The Spirit is definitely felt. They are men called of God. I think the biggest miracle we saw from conference was that in between the sessions on Sunday, we ate at the bishop's house. He was the most fired up about missionary work that I have ever seen. It was awesome, we discussed some great things for him to that can bring some great fruits to this ward in the future, if all is executed. I was thinking that if only I could teach like the prophet and apostles, then after every member lesson, they would be sooooooo fired up to do missionary work. I'm sure baptisms would skyrocket. I really like how we have the opportunity to be reminded every 6 months of all the blessings we have, all the miracles we can perform, all the changes we can make, and the power and authority we posses. It is a shame I have to be reminded, but I am always the most fired up to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ right after conference. I need to try and keep the fire with me 24/7!!!

Well it was an amazing week.
I love you guys!

P.S. Annie I saw a picture of you! Looking great! I too am trying to work on my figure. Every one keeps asking me if I am eating! They say I look skinnier. Bishop yesterday asked if I was on a diet! Two weeks ago we decided to wake up at 6:00 to work out more. People being scared that I am not eating is distracting from the Spirit haha. I have been eating a lot too, like to the point of death. Still haven't gained weight. But I like waking up at 6:00 because it helps me feel like I am excited to wake up, at 6:30 it felt more like a have to do and I wasn't excited to be up, but now I feel more like I am happier to be a missionary as I wake up at 6:00. So it has a good spiritual and physical benefit. A missionary has a quote he says every night to his companion. "Wake up like you mean it." I am working on it haha! I don't want to get buff, I just don't want to be skinny, chubby would be nice. So if any one wants to send me a snickers, that would be awesome.

Thanks for your prayers!

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