Monday, October 1, 2012

Oct 1, 2012

We right now are teaching 2 way cool families! They were both found by the Spirit. One guy shouted at us from his car, said he was Mormon and less active and wants his family to know about the church and wants to come back as well. We have taught them twice and they are doing great. The other family we prayed and felt to knock a complex, so we did and we felt like going to a specific building, the first door we knocked, they opened and told us to come in. We taught them and we found out the dad was a member. He said he was Mormon, and his daughters looked at him like "What!?" not like he was crazy, but just because they never knew haha. So that was pretty funny. They are doing great.
We also are teaching a guy who came on a temple tour this week. He LOVED it. He wants his family to go on one tomorrow with us haha. He is so awesome. We are teaching some cool people right now.
We had President's interviews and he asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked him how to better discern. He told me we discern the heart, not the mind. He said to look in their eyes. And some other stuff. So in companion study, we were role playing for some investigators and I told my companion to say "no" to the baptism invitation because of some doubt. And I tried to discern haha. And it worked quite well the advice from President Hall, so that was pretty cool.
We were driving this week and someone's car tire flew off and hit are car. That was cool.
We set 2 baptismal dates with different investigators. We are also teaching a really cool guy that is progressing nicely, just waiting on the road of demascus (watch the mormon message to know more). So we showed him the video and hopefully he will be more responseful to baptism.
My mission is going great. I have learned so much. It is the most fullfilling thing that I have ever done. It has taught me how to love people. It is so sad to see someone reject the gospel and it is so sad to see people have marital problems and to not have money or jobs. I am grateful for all of your love and prayers.

Elder Christiansen

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