Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov. 11, 2012

Well we had a pretty good week. Best week in a while. We didn't teach as many lessons as we usually do, but the lessons were more quality than quantity and we are seeing some progression in the investigators. One is currently looking for a new job so he can go to church, another family is looking for a new apartment so they can live the law of chastity and also looking for a new job so they can go to church on Sunday. We are blessed.

We had a meeting with President Hall last week. A good 7 months ago we learned a door approach called "Peace and Blessings". Unfortunately for some reason or another our mission didn't catch the spirit of it and I was one of those unfortunately. So this week he told us to repent, and do it. So we basically knock the door and say something like... "Hello, we are representatives of Jesus Christ, we have been sent to leave His peace and blessings with others. Can we come in and bless your home and your family?" And we get let in about 800% times more than usual and we get to know them, their needs, listen, discern, then say a prayer and bless them by the Priesthood we have. It is going great in our area right now. It makes me strive to be more worthy so I can use the power of the priesthood. I think the best thing that it does is that people see us as representatives of Jesus Christ instead of "Mormon missionaries". So they let us in a lot more times. We pray real earnestly with them, and they feel the Spirit, it is amazing. Then we ask if we can come back to share more, and no one yet has said, "no". So we are seeing miracles from that. The priesthood is REAL. It is such a blessing to have it. Sister missionaries do it as well, just not by the priesthood, and it is powerful too because they are representatives of Jesus Christ. It is a blessing to bless others. We help them feel the peace that the world can not give, but the peace that Jesus Christ can give. Missions in the Florida area have been using this technique and baptisms have doubled. We are planning on ours tripling. It helps us work harder, be more obedient, more worthy, use the priesthood, and bless others.

We have a baptism date for the 25th of Nov. He is GOLD, just looking for a new job, but he came to Stake Conference yesterday!

Love you thank you for your prayers!

Elder Christiansen

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