Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov. 5th, 2012

So last week was really awesome. Last night just topped things off. We taught this one 17 year old from Honduras. He is really prepared for the gospel. He is awesome. He works at Bay Hill golf course.... That is the golf course of Mr. Tiger Woods himself... I think. But it is really nice. We are going there today for P-Day. See if they let us in haha. But his name is Moises. We taught him at a bus stop last night. Way cool kid. We also are teaching this lady Maria and last night we read the Book of Mormon with her and in the middle of the lesson, we had the impression to invite her to be baptized, so in the middle of the lesson, we just invited her and she said yes! Her date is for Dec. 23rd. She has to get married to her "husband". And we also taught another really cool family yesterday la flia gonzalez. We will see if they are married haha. It was really cool, last night we had a lot of plans, and the Spirit told us to do none of them, and kind of mixed them up a little bit. We had la flia gonzalez planned at 7 to visit, but we felt to visit him at 6, and he was there, so we taught a lesson. Then went to Omar (he was planned) we set an appt. with him to come back. Then we felt to go to Maria, who wasn't in our plans and set the baptismal date with her, then we felt to call Moises and have a lession with him and he was down, so we taught him and he wasn't in our plans either. It was really cool. The Spirit is always the way to go haha. And it is always just little impressions. It is such a blessing to have it in our lives.

We taught this PM named Manuel, his family got baptized a couple months ago by none other than my MTC companion, Elder Yentes down in South Chase, but then they moved to Venezuela and everyone thought they were lost forever. And one day we went to talk to a member and a kid stopped us and told us he was Mormon, so we found out where he lived and they weren't a family on the records. It turned out to be the family that Elder Yentes baptized and they moved back to Florida from Venezuela. And the little kid and the mom got baptized, but Manuel couldn't because he had to work every Sunday. So it was a miracle find for sure. The Lord put them in our path. But we are teaching Manuel, he is looking for another job right now so he can get baptized. He is so awesome, he said one of the best prayers I have ever heard. He is a tender mercy from the Lord, hopefully he gets a new job and doesn't have to work Sundays :).

Missionary work is the best in the world. Everyone should serve, it is such a blessing. I know this is the most true work in the world. I have felt the spirit too much on my mission to deny the message of the Restoration of the Gospel. It is the greatest, most powerful message in the world.

Emails are short, but I hope you like them haha. My life is amazing.
Love Elder Christiansen!

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