Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec. 3rd, 2012

Well I hope everyone got to see the Christmas devotional last night. We were asked to watch it. 8 o clock over here on the east side of things. I loved it. I loved what President Uchtdorf had to say. It is so true how well when I get I gift, I feel like I need to give someone a gift back and it needs to be more expensive haha. I have had problems with that on my mission! It really made me think about Jesus Christ and His gift to all the world. His sacrifice for us. I am so grateful for that gift and for that we don't even have to pay him back! It is the best gift we could receive. And he doesn't require a gift back. We just have to open the gift and enjoy it and use it! I testify that the way we open, enjoy, and use the gift is through faith, constant repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. I know that this is the best gift that we can receive. I know that it brings the most happiness and the most blessings both spiritual and temporal. It is an opportunity to be able to carry this gift with me and share it with everyone here in the Orlando area. Especially during this time of the year. It is sad to see those who don't want to hold the gift, those who will hold it for a little bit but never open it, those who open it and look at it and then decide they don't want it. I think it applies very well to the story that President Uchtodorf told of the aunt who didn't accept the gift that came from the love and care of her niece. In the end, both were sad. I know from first hand experience that we don't have to pay the Savior back for His infinite loving gift that He has given us. I learned by well being wrong haha. I'll explain. My first day in Florida, I got to President Hall's house and went upstairs for my turn to get interviewed. We sat down and started talking. I don't remember much what was said during the short interview but I remember very well part of the conversation. He asked me why if I was excited to get to work. I replied, "Yes very excited." He asked me if I was going to work hard, I replied yes again. He then asked me why. I thought... and told him, well I have received a lot of blessings from Jesus Christ and experienced a lot of miracles because of him and He has done a lot for me and I feel like I can pay him back a little bit and was going to work very hard to pay Him back as much as possible (Naive me haha)... And he looked at me in the eyes in his strict loving manner and said "Elder that is selfish, you don't have to, and can't pay Him back." I testify that that is the truth. I felt the Spirit bear witness to me of its truthfulness. I know that the greatest gift is eternal life and that it is possible through the gift of the Atonement. I know that helping people experience the Atonement is the greatest gift that we can give this holiday season.

I love and miss you all. To see our nativity activity this week in the church and see some pics go to msFamilyPhoto.com/nativity I might be in a picture haha.

Love You,
Merry CHRISTmas

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