Monday, December 31, 2012


O MY GOOOODNESS!!! Livin' la vida loca over here in Disneyworld! We had such an amazing week. As I told you last time, we have shifting the area where we were working and basically starting out from new. We were so blessed this week. We still taught a good amount of lessons, but we found so many Spanish! And they have a lot better chance at progressing. The members in the area where we work now are also helping us find. You ready for an awesome story?

So there is a apartment complex called MetroWest Summit, we knocked about 7 of the 12 buildings there in about 2 days and we found some decent people, but not anyone too solid. Then we went over to a member's house and he said he had a referral for us that he sees at school (he is like 40 yrs old) and that the referral works at the school. He said he didn't know his name, his address, or his phone number, and it is break time, so he isn't going to school right now, so he said we would have to wait. He did tell us though that he was from Peru (Peru has the best food btw hands down). He also knew that he lived in MetroWest Summit complex, but no idea where. I remembered that we knocked a Peruvian's door, but they weren't interested AT ALL. So I was hoping that it was a different Peruvian in the complex haha. So like 3 days later we went to finish the last 5 buildings in MetroWest Summit. As we were locking up our bikes, I saw a Spanish family get out of their car and start walking towards their building. We were too far away and I didn't want to hit a dead sprint to go talk to them, so I did what I do best and creeped. We watched what door they went into, then we knocked that door 30 min. later.. A girl came to the door, didn't open it, just spoke to us through it and asked for us to come back the next day. So we came back the next day. We knock the door and the dad opens the door. He told us he was eating and was acting like he was in a hurry, and he was trying to speak English, so I told him that he spoke pretty good English and asked him where he was from... Where do you think he said? Well he said he was from Colombia, haha jk, he said he was from PERU!! Then the Spirit reminded me that Hno. Leonel Dominguez's friend is from Peru and lives in the same complex. So I asked him if he knew Leonel, he looked kind of puzzled, then I said Leonel Dominguez, he looked like it sounded familiar, then I said that he is Dominican... The guy went crazy!!! haha He was like "You know Leonel!!!???" I said yes, he is our friend, we go over to his house a lot, then he said, "He's one of you??" Haha.. But he opened up so much and told us to come back because he was eating.. Miracle!

We were so blessed this week, thanks for your prayers and for putting our names in the prayer box!
Just wait for the miracle that I tell you about next week ;)

Elder Christiansen

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