Monday, January 7, 2013


Yup Yup... So long to Windy Ridge.. 7 months later (5 and a half with the same companion haha)... It is definitely a Bitter Sweet. I made a lot of good friends here in this area and it has definitely been my favorite, but I feel like I've been here forever, so I am kind of happy to leave.. My next area is called Deltona 2.. It is in the very north of our mission. It is the only Spanish area in the Deland stake, so we cover the whole stake. It will be my first area with the beach on it because Daytona is part of it. So next week I will send you my new address. I guess it is super country, so I am guessing it will be a lot like Fallon haha. We will see though. And it might be my last area in my mission. I have accumulated a lot of junk on my mission, and I am pretty sure it all won't fit in my suit cases and stuff, so I have to start throwing some stuff away.

But anyways this week was a good one to end on... O ya, you remember how last week I said "Wait for the miracle this week,"? well.... We had a baptism!!! So you remember how I told you about Carlos who was the dad of a member and just visiting from Peru? well he has been going to church for about 3 months straight and he wanted to wait to get baptized when he returns here in like 2 more months because he preferred it like that, and then last Sunday he told us that he wanted to be baptized. And that he wanted to be baptized Wednesday. We hadn't covered a ton of the lessons with him, but he was definitely ready for baptism, so on Monday we basically taught him every lesson except for the plan of salvation and we also taught him all of the commandments. He is really smart, so it wasn't too big of a problem. Then on Tuesday he got his interview and passed with flying colors then on Wednesday we had the baptism! And it was the most spiritual baptism of my baptism. At the end he gave a little testimony and it was so perfect! We were blessed. The Lord did some amazing work once again. :)

Then we also found a guy last week that we just said a prayer with him and we blessed him and his mother in the prayer, then we asked if we could come back and he said yes. So we came back and taught him and invited him to Carlos's baptism and he came, then we taught him again and invited him to church this week and he came to church along with his mother and they really liked it! :) They are from Cuba.. Cuban Spanish is a little difficult to understand sometimes but its all gooood.

I went on exchanges with a Portuguese elder in his area and so I studied some Portuguese for language study and then went to work. It was an awesome exchange. But I couldn't speak Portuguese at all, so I just listened and spoke back in Spanish and they usually can understand me. I really enjoyed it.

Well Imma miss this area :''''( but on to the next one! It should be awesome
Your prayers worked a lot of miracles for us these last two weeks!
Love you and miss you all!
Elder Christiansen

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