Monday, January 28, 2013

Jan. 28th, 2013

The weather is really nice here, birds chirping, people singing in the streets, no one gets old here, and everyone is happy... No complaints over in DELTONA-RICO baby... We had a great week, every week so far has gotten better. Numbers are going up, investigators are going up, but most importantly we are seeing others progress in coming closer to their Savour Jesus Christ. We are really being blessed. We picked up some more new investigators this week who are a lot more solid than last weeks new investigators. As we are working hard, the members are working hard here as well. It is just like that good ole grandpa Jeff conservative blue grass music Willy Nelson style music to the ears over here. Already my favorite area I am going to say. We taught this lady named Marta in a member's home this week! She is a referral. She came to church as well this week. She is just awesome. When we mentioned baptism, she smiled.. Hehehehe... haha. So she is the highlight of my life right now.

We were talking to everyone and their dog the other day trying to meet some goals, and the VERY LAST PERSON WE TALKED TO AT 8:50 PM. was awesome! Hopefully.. Haha.. We were biking and he was walking and talking on the phone and so we kind of just well, started talking (sometimes ya gotta be rude, I mean, it's salvation) and so then he told the other person he would call them back and he hung up. We started talking in Spanish, found out he was from El Salvador and has lived in the US for 7 years, (that usually means they don't speak good English, especially if they are older) but he kept throwing in English words without too much accent, so then we later found out he is a translator. He translates English to Spanish and French. He also speaks German. He speaks English better than me haha.. He said his grandpa in El Salvador taught him English, but with the British accent haha when he was little. So when he came over here, he was fluent, but at the airport they detained him because it was suspicious that a Spanish guy was speaking with an English English accent haha. Any who.. He asked us if we were Mormons, we said yes. He asked where we were from. Nevada and Arizona. He said it surprised him that we weren't from Provo. (He still spoke to us in Spanish just to be nice haha.) And he told us he went to Provo last year and loved the people there and was very impressed with them. He told us he has researched about every religion (that usually is not good haha) and he said he has read the Book of Mormon more than once. Then he invited us over and I'm thinking to myself (I have fell in this trap before.. Bashing).. But then he said he didn't want to bash, just ask questions about the pre-mortal life what it is too understand it better. He thought Jesus Christ coming to the Americas was fascinating. But had some questions. He wasn't able to talk to anyone in Provo. But he is really really smart, so hopefully it is not a trap, but if he is sincere, it will be a miracle for sure. We are going over tomorrow. So that was cool. We also found a family of 7!!! haha. And we got some sweet member referrals this last week.

The church is true. It is true, true, true... The Book of Mormon is the literal word of God. The Spirit is the best teacher and the most desirable thing on the earth. It is accessible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ the Living Son of the Living God. Happiness is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through the Prophet of God, Joseph Smith.

Love you, Your prayers are amazing

Elder Christiansen

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