Monday, January 14, 2013

New area!

Cool Cool! So the new area! First of all, I live in a house. It is nasty... Trashed. I don't like that haha, so we are cleaning today! :)... I don't know the address, I will get that to you all next week. But my new companion is Elder Sharp. He goes home in less than 3 months! It is a blessing to be with him. He isn't trunky and he knows how to teach and he is pretty laid back in the sense of personality so that is good. He is from Phoenix and is going to be a neurologist. He goes to Arizona and he is 23 years old so he has already been to 3 years of school. We get along really well. The area is amazing. We live in Deltona, but it should be called Deltonarico... Deltona and Puerto Rico.... Everyone is Puerto Rican and from New York basically. New Yorriquens... New York and Puerto Rico haha.... So we find a lot of them, but the majority of them speak English better than Spanish and have the New York accent.... We cover the whole Zone!... Which has Deltona, Deland, Daytona, New smyrna beach, bunnel, and other towns... But we only stay really in Deltona and Deland. Because Deltona is where our church is and the other cities are 45 min- 1 hour away... It is a new little building. It is like a mini church haha.. It has everything, just miniature scale. We have like 3 columns of pues and like 7 rows haha.. It is pretty cool. We are a branch, but about to be a ward. We averaged around 80-105 people at church last year, but church started at 9 in the morning and this year we start at 1 so we should have a little bigger attendance. The cool thing is that most of the branch is active! We have like 130 total members and 90 active. Really uncommon in Spanish work.

Deltona is full of houses, basically no apartments (switch from my old area), and it looks like Fallon. No lie. Yesterday we ate dinner with a member family from Brazil. I felt like I was eating at the Faught's house and the Hutching's house if they had a kid haha.. They had a couple cows, chickens, and a really beautiful house. My Grandparents would have loved it. All their kids are gone now and one lives pretty close to them so they have 4 grand kids that visit them often, so it is a grandchildren house. They have a bed that looks like a wagon, a tent in the living room, etc. haha.. They eat there own animals so it was some good food. Feels good to get out of the city and get back in the country. He had a diesel truck too. Probably the 2nd one I have seen on my mission.

The people here in Deltona are crazy!!! No lie. There are some normal ones, but I think Deltona is famous for being a little crazy haha. So there is never a dull moment. I was stunned my first day here. But I love it.

Love you all and thanks for the prayers!

Elder Christiansen

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