Monday, January 21, 2013


So I love my area! So much. Possibly could end up to be my favorite area in the mission! My new address (only for packages, keep sending letters to the mission office on satellite blvd.) is 1622 Moreno Ter. Deltona, FL 32725 ....

Well this past Sunday at church was like the best Sunday on my mission at church... We went into the branch president's office and had a meeting. We made a suggestion list for him for ward missionaries that could be called to help out the work here (we have 0) and we told him why we needed them and he seemed pretty willing to call them. They have tried in the past to get more ward missionaries, but it hasn't happened, hopefully now it will. It will be a great accomplishment. We then started talking to a ton of the members. One lady gave us a referral for a guy that seems pretty cool, we found out a little girl that is turning 8 needs the lessons to get baptized (parents aren't members... yet) long story. I will fill you in on it when the whole family gets baptized :).. Then a 14 yr old girl has a friend that is interested (youth are golden for referrals), some member has a sister that would be interested, and we set up an appt with a cool part member family that is the family mentioned above.. The kids are all members but the parents aren't... yet.. So we are really going to work with them. More info to come after this week. O ya and this super cool kid that is like 18 named Maklin has a family for us to teach this week. These members are spot on in this branch! I love it! We are being blessed to the ears... (is that a saying?) Well we are getting a lot of blessings. Prayers really work. I read in the bible dictionary this week something like: prayer is one of the ways of receiving the highest of all blessings! Holy smokes, that is powerful. By small and simple things, great things come to pass. I thank you so much for your many prayers and for putting my name in the temple. It has been a testimony builder for me on the power of prayer.

We got 10 new investigators this week! In order to be new investigators, you have to teach them and leave them a commitment and get a specific return appt. 5 of them were for English elders though haha. So we got 5 for us... It was awesome... And they are all families! Just not all of the family has heard us yet. One is a family of 2, other 4, other 4. So we will see where it goes in the future.

We served the Brazilian family this week. They are so cool. We helped them with dry wall. I am super weak haha. We had to hold it up and push it against the ceiling why he screwed it in...

We are in full car here, so hopefully I can get chunky... amen.

Love you all, the work is amazing. Hope you all are praying for missionary opportunities and setting specific dates to have someone invited to be taught in your house. It will come to pass.

Elder Christiansen

O ya, we had a meeting last night in Daytona Beach for the stake, We were about a mile away from the beach, but we didn't see it. We passed the race track though. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!! haha. It was huge though. Pretty crazy. Love ya all!

O ya, if I haven't written you a letter back, forgive me, I am working on it!

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