Monday, March 18, 2013


Here I am writing again! These weeks go by way to fast. And a lot of times, I sit down and I can't even remember too much because everything is just going by so fast! This week was another good one. As President Hall's time is counting down he is pushing us more than ever. I love it. Right now we are focusing on teaching everyone we see and asking them if we could share a message with them and if we aren't teaching someone we are finding. And there is no down time never. It's really hard because people love to talk about sports, life, etc. but we are being told to basically get down to business, get out asap, and go find someone else to teach. I like it. I feel like it will change our mission. It is really getting us fired up. A lot of us work hard, but insanely hard is the next step I guess haha and I am excited for it!
Well a really cool investigator just moved to P.R. for two months. She is the one that always feels the spirit really strongly. We took her on a church tour this week and she walked in the chapel and it was like a brick wall of the spirit hit her right in the face. Yup, best believe. She loved it! And we had two hermanas their from our branch and it went really well. It is kind of good she moved though because she goes to a church here, but it isn't in P.R.! But ours is. So she will probably get baptized in P.R. She is loving the BofM! It is really amazing to work with her and just adds to my testimony as well as the truth to the BofM.
We also were tracting the other day, met a lady from Ecuador! She was older and pretty lonely. We asked if we could say a prayer with her. She said yes. We asked her what she needed in her life and then prayed accordingly. She started crying during the prayer and then we taught her the restoration right after it on her porch. It was a really great experience. There is no better feeling than truely blessing others.
We have another investigator named Carlos from P.R. He is a tough one! The spirit is definitely working on him though. Chipping away at him little by little. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it made a lot of sense to him. And he really liked it. And to my surprise we actually set a baptismal date with him haha. It was definitely a miracle. IDK how it happened but he is doing really well and his heart is being more and more softened.
I fixed my bike this week finally. It was a pain in the neck! It has been out of order for like 2 months haha and we are running out of miles, so I had to fix it. I learned a great lesson though. Take care of your stuff and if something little breaks, fix it because in the future something big will break. And then the other one is: if you don't know what you are doing, take it to someone who does know what they are doing. I truly have learned a lot from my bike hahahaha. And it is a testimony of how we learn more through trials and afflictions than through easy riding ;)....
Love you all, miss you! Keep praying for those miracles! I love them
Elder Christiansen

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