Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well we had a pretty good week! Last week I think I told you all about a lady that we talked to and she felt the spirit and said she would come to church but didn't... And so this week we would call her, visit her and had no luck.. So we thought we lost her :(.. But one day we knocked her door and still no answer, so we walked down the street to another house and no answer as well, so we returned back towards the car and her brother came out of the garage. We told asked him if he would get his sister for us haha, as he opened the door she was right there and she saw us so she hurried up and ducked out of the way, he came back and said that she was sick. So we asked him to ask her if we could give her a blessing. He went back in and she actually accepted it by some miracle! haha.. So we talked with her, gave her a blessing and she told us how a friend had told her some "anti" garbage etc. And so we talked some more and she said she felt so peaceful and she knew it was the spirit. And so we just testified of it and at that moment no one in the room had a doubt that our message wasn't true. It was an amazing experience. The internet can lie, but the Spirit can't. And so she was going to come to church again but got sick.. This missionary business is a #headache... but a rewarding and happy one haha.
I just have to tell you about how awesome of a member that Ivelissee Rodriguez-Ortiz is! So she is ALWAYS looking for opportunities to share the gospel. She is a convert of about 5 years and she really has put the gospel first in her life. And she is so happy because she has done that. She has a powerful testimony as well. Last night one of our investigators called us and said she needed a ride to Orlando (about 45 minutes away) for her daughter's doctor appointment who is learning how to walk again after being in a full leg cast. The investigator's husband has a car, but he has to work far away, so we called Ivelissee last night to see if she could help out the investigator and without knowing when or what she said yes to help. We have a lot of members in our branch that are like that and it has been such a blessing to serve her. They have taught me soooo much and I really would not rather be in any other part of the world right now.

We are happy and safe
Love and miss you all, thank you for your prayers, they mean the world to us
Elder Christiansen

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