Monday, June 17, 2013

Last one :(

Well I wish I could reflect on my whole mission and let you know how I feel about everything, but words really aren't able to describe it. It has been such a blessing to so many people and I have a heart full of gratefulness for that.

So there was a great experience this last week. Sunday the 9th, I fasted for just one more miracle my last week in my new area in Apopka. It was amazing! We were so blessed!!!! With more than just one.
1) This 21 yr old named Gabriel had been investigating for a while, but never came to church. Sat. the 8th we visited him and were going to drop him, but instead we felt like we should give him one last chance. So we invited him to church. He said he would go if his family went. Well Sunday came and his family didn't come, but he came by himself. We went to the YSA class with him and he made some friends! Then this last Saturday we had an appointment with him and he said he really liked church and felt peaceful afterwards. He came yesterday to church as well and enjoyed it. He is getting baptized this Saturday! :)
2) We set a baptismal date with Melissa and her two boys for the 29th of June. They are amazing!
3) THE COOLEST ONE! So yesterday we were tracting and we felt like we would see a miracle. And so we knocked a door and the guy to my surprise let us right in without even a great contact haha. We sat down and it was him and his wife. He said his gma and mom were Mormon, but that he wasn't ever baptized that he couldn't remember. And we talked a little bit and he said he was in the military. I asked him where he was stationed. He said, "Oh in a naval base in Nevada." I was like "Wait! Fallon?!" And he said yes. Haha. So we became best friends like that. I asked him if he ever went to the dentist. He said yes. He thought his name was Christiansen haha. Said he was young, kind of bald and had glasses. I told him that he has some hair still. So I think his dentist was Donny, he said Donny would remember him because he had to like order a whiter tooth or whiter paste because his teeth were too white for what they had and so Donny like ordered one straight from his pocket or something. His name was Brandon. Ya, he and his wife are going to get baptized! 

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