Monday, June 10, 2013


Your prayers worked miracles this last week! It was an amazing week. So last week I told you about Armando and asked you to pray for him. He is the one who visits only for a week at a time about once every other month. So Sunday he came to church and we couldn't get an appt. with him. He told us he was leaving on Friday. So Monday we bought him a white shirt (we thought maybe that's why he hadn't got baptized cuz he didn't have a white shirt... haha.. hey it happens) Anyways it was a good excuse to go over, so that night we went over and gave him the shirt but he was real tired, so we couldn't teach him, he didn't really seem interested in talking either so I lost a lot of faith in getting him baptized this last week. Tuesday from 12-6 we had tracting planned 6-7 was a lesson and 7-8 was a dinner with a less active family and we had some people to visit after the dinner. So we hit 5 o clock and we are dead from tracting. And then both our 6 o clock and 7 o clock canceled. We were soaking wet from the rain and we were pretty frustrated, so we continued tracting and went home at 6 to dry our clothes and grab a bite to eat. As we thought what to do, Armando came to our mind. So at 7 we took over one of my comps ties and a picture of him and his family at the temple that my comp printed off from the temple tour we did with them at his last visit a month and a half ago. He answered the door, he said we could sit down, we gave him the picture. Then he told us he was thinking about getting baptized that week! So we told him, yes yes yes yes do it. please. So we got his interview on Wednesday for him and baptized on Thursday! It was a miracle and a half. I realized the blessing of the appointments canceled on Tuesday and had to repent for thinking I knew better than the Lord and for not accepting His will at first and murmuring. Anyways I called up President Hall for permission to confirm him as well at the baptism since he was leaving Friday and wouldn't be at church. He said yes, and I invited him to come to the baptism, and he came. He actually knows the family really well. And at the end he said a couple of words. He mentioned how he and Sister Hall were praying for him that they would see him get baptized before they left on July 1st. POWERFUL. EVERYONE was praying for him including many of you and I am so grateful for that. His name was even in the temple! :)...
Then on Friday, President called me to tell me I would be getting Emergency Transferred. So that night I packed up my stuff and went to APOPKA. It is still in our district, and I knew I was going to be getting ET'd over there because the elder had some joint problems and couldn't walk real well and doctors couldn't figure it out and President had been talking to me quite a bit throughout last week and warned me that I would probably leave. He was such a good elder. It was sad to see him have to leave. He will be back though once they figure out how to help him. So my last week of my mission is in a new area. We had a baptism on Sunday here with a guy that I have met a couple of times because of exchanges. So that was cool haha. And this week my old area has a baptism as well on Saturday. The Lord has blessed me so much at the end of my mission. It is great! :) I love it.
Pray for me to love tracting my last week please. I still am doing fine on teaching and getting out and doing missionary work. But I am dragging my feet when the appointments fall through and I know we have to tract. haha. I'm gonna finish strong though!
Love you all!

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