Sunday, June 26, 2011

Email sent Sunday 6/26/11

So far so good. The Spanish is coming along, but i still need to practice a lot more. I've learned the missionary purpose, how to bear my testimony, and how to pray all in spanish so far along with several words. Yesterday Elder Bednar spoke to us on how to be Preach My Gospel Missionaries. It was a great talk but I didn't get to be in the room where he gave it because there were so many Elders and Sisters that showed up so early. So I had to sit in one of the overflow rooms. There were 6 other apostles there too I think. This week is crazy because so many missionaries came in this week and then plus all the mission presidents and their wives are here also. So several general authorities are here, but I haven't been seeing them. It might be because I wake up at 6:20 (which isn't hard... yet) then get ready and have breakfast at 7. At 7:30 I am in my classroom doing personal study for a while, then we might have companionship study, then we have classroom instruction by a teach until 11:30 where we then go to lunch. By 12:15 I am then usually back in the classroom studying some more, learning the language, or using this thing called TALL on the computer that teaches spanish. Then I have dinner at 4:30. Then at 5:15 its back to studying or maybe a devotional or yesterday we had 2 movies (spiritual of course) that lasted a loooooong time. Then back to my dorm at 9:30, lights off at 10:15, in bed at 10:30.  All of these studying things are at different times every day, but most of my time I am in a little classroom that is about 20 feetish by 10 feetish. My teachers are Hermano Moan and Hermano Snyder, I love them, they are great guys and great teachers. My Branch President, President Horne is also very cool and I like him. My companion's name is Elder Yentes (Yen-tesss) not (yen-tays) like I said in my letter home earlier this week. I have a hard time getting his name right and in spanish its Elder (jjjen-tays). I love him though, he is great, he is from Fresno area. I also like everyone else in my district and area. Everyone in the MTC is so nice and the spirit is so strong because of it, its awesome, I love it. My area leaders are great to. They seem like they are so much older than me but they've only been in the MTC for 6 weeks more than me I think. It's kind of funny how it seems like a week more in the MTC seperates you by like a year in age. We learn so much and so fast that the spirit is definitely here, teaching us everything we need to know. I've seen Elder Kyle Collinsworth (BYU BBALL) a couple times, Elder Hubbard and Elder Cousineau quite a bit since we are all learning Spanish and it's in the same building, and I finally saw Elder LeBlanc for the first time yesterday. This whole Elder thing is hard to get use to. Usually I refer to them as dude, bro, man, guys, homie, etc. But I'm getting better. The food is good and its amazing how it refuels me and lets me keep going. Right as I'm getting tired and running out of energy, lunch or dinner comes up and then I refuel and am good to go till the next meal or bedtime. The Lord surely gives us enough energy to keep on going. It's amazing, I've never had this much energy and focus ever. Some cool things that have happened or I've seen so far.
-One of the guys in my area, his dad owns Magleby's (resturant in Provo). And so he has like chocolate cake or brownies usually at night haha. Elder Parkinson is his name.
-Yesterday I was kind of wondering to myself and just contemplating whether I am meant to be here and if I'm truely ready to serve. I was getting down on myself, then my companion said an amazing prayer that helped me then like 30 seconds later I looked across the room and had deja vu. I had dreamed before that same picture that I was seeing, I then felt the spirit tell me that this is my time. It's amazing how much the Lord loves and helps us, right when we are discouraged and lose faith, he still answers prayers, doubts, and concerns. The one main thing that I have learned here is that the Lord loves everyone, more than we can even imagine.
-I'm not homesick at all which is good. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and loving that it's like they are my family. And its good because I am able to better concentrate on the work.
Our regular P-Day is Thursday so that will be my next letter home, we just get to do it today because we are new. This first week is different than all the others. If any family want to send a letter to me just send it to my Grandma Jill's email and she will send it to me at They print the email, then get the letter in the mail that same day, so I don't have to wait until thursday to read everything.
Please send Hadley this email... I dont know his email address, but send all emails to him whether he likes it or not, just text him to find out his email address.
Mom, I love you and hope all is well. I'm here loving it, so don't worry!
Love, Elder Christiansen

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