Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday 6/30/11

Dear Familia,
Elder Cousinea is the red headed kid that I went to stay at his house for the Mountain West Tournament.
This week the biggest thing I learned was that I never listened when I prayed! We actually gets answers, its pretty cool and is seriously a COMMUNICATION with our Father in Heaven. It is cool that if you actually start praying and stop just to listen in the middle of the prayer, answers to questions and what to pray for will come to your mind. I've learned that any good thought that makes you want to be better is personal revalation.
So I don't have my whole 30 min. to email this week because I messed up writing you last week. If you want to write me go to (something like that I think.) And you just put Elder Kevin Donald Christiansen as who your sending it to and then mailbox #290... (I think thats right). It is something like that at least. And thats the way that I get the letter that you send the same day. I can only check my email once a week, so if you all just send me letters through, then I can read them basically whenever I get them as long as I have free time or during the night. Then on P-Day's, I'll be able to just write one big letter and not have to read my emails. My bad on telling you the wrong thing. Hope that makes sense, bascally just right me on dearelder and I'll be able to reply better on Thursdays.
This week was good, It's crazy how much Spanish I actually know. On Monday, just 5 days into the MTC, I taught my first lesson to the area leaders... All in Spanish... Then on Tuesday, I contacted a fake investigator, then left and taught her all in Spanish. I think each lesson went at least 20 minutes, we did an alright job, it was pretty awesome. We truely do have the gift of tongues on our mission, we just have to work at the language and pray to be able to access the gift.
Sunday, we had sacrament for an hour and priesthood for an hour, its cool cause we get some pretty good speakers. We don't have Sunday school, but instead we have like 2-3 hours of individual or companionship study or language study and then maybe a devotional. Something like that. Is all I know is that we are always learning.
Monday was just a lot of studying and we taught our first lesson.
Tuesday was studying, taught a fake investigator, and we had a devotional, it was about 10 steps of being a great missionary. Elder Walker of the first quorum of the seventy gave it. But the best thing that I got out of it was when he bore testimony of President Monson. It is just so powerful to bear testimony of a modern prophet and I realized that I hadn't been doing that in my first two lessons I taught and so I need to incorpriate that into them.
Wednesday was crazy learning and we actually taught a lesson in English to another Elder in our group, I think it really went good, well better than our lessons in Spanish haha.
Today at 7, we went to a session at the temple, so we woke up extra early (6:15). Then we had individual study and now we are doing laundry and having a little P-Day.
I love my companion, he is really cool. Its funny cause he has a girlfriend, but she's not waiting for him, but he is always eager to get letters and he always wants one from her, it doesn't distract him from the work, but its just funny because at lunch and stuff, he is always asking our district leader if he got the mail or when he is getting it. My companion has got a ton of letters and a couple packages so far... And I have got.. well one letter haha. But I really don't mind. Because I messed up and told you the wrong thing last time but if you use dearelder, I'll get way more mail. Not that I want mail... but packages would be nice! ;)... with my hair gel in the bathroom, jerky, those gatorade mix packages that you pore in water, candy... etc... that would be very nice! :)
Times up!
Elder Christiansen

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