Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hey Everyone!
First mother, there is no way to get me ice cream here in the MTC haha, but I'm fine cuz there is BYU creamery ice cream on Wednesday's and Sunday's and then just regular ice cream bars most other days. But thanks for the thought haha.
Thanks for the packages too! haha but just one thing, we aren't allowed to chew gum, so if you ever send another package just don't send gum, but thanks still for everything! I'm so hungry by nightime, it's nice to snack on something! And I got all your Dear Elders! Thanks!
This was a great week! I loved it.
Friday: Not much really happened, just a lot of studying, but they keep telling us that the Lord prepares people specifically prepared for for us, which is really cool to think about, and they tell us to always pray for them.
Saturday: I learned the First Vision in Spanish. I also got some letters from GMC$ (Tommy, Ryan, Hadley) and my mom and grandma. It was nice to hear from everyone. I really miss all you guys, but I love it here so much, I just wish you all could be missionaries right now. It's seriously undescribable.
On Saturday night we had a little Fourth of July devotional. When we all had gotten into our seats and were waiting for the devotional to start, we sang songs.
First One: Yankle Doodle
Second: Yankee Doodle Dandy
Then: The Grand Ole Flag
America the Beatiful
And Then: The Star Spangled Banner
After we had sung (sang, I dont know) President Stutter adressed us. I don't know really who he is but in his introduction they said he was an advisor for 3 presidents. He told a story about a guy named Hussain. Hussain lived in some country that didn't have the freedom we have here in America. One night someone like troups from another country or just like some big bad group (I really don't know) came into his country to kill everyone basically. Hussain who had a 3 month year old daughter was with like 16ish members of his family and they went to their neighbors house to stay in some underground shelter. As they were in the shelter they could here the enemies about them stepping. When they were right above them, Hussain's 3 month old daughter started crying. In order to save his whole family and the neighbors he was with, he used some piece of his wife's clothing to choke and kill his baby. Hussain was only 20 years old and I can't imagine what that was like for him. I haven't really apreciated living in America as I should have. I'm so grateful I live here in this country, it is such a blessing.
Then after the devotional it was like 10:30 so it was bedtime, but they let us go outside and watch the stadium of fire firework show and we also got an ice cream bar. Me and my companion just went into our room and got ready for bed haha. We were lame and just so exhausted, but we saw a couple of fireworks.
Sunday: We had fast and testimony meeting which was great. We had a 2 hour missionary devotional which was long, uncomfortable, but still awesome. My favorite talk was about how there is God's path that we can follow which is just one path. Then there are all these other worldy path's that we can choose to follow, it was just kind of cool to think about how God's way is just one way while the world has sooooo many other ways.
At the end of the night, Jenny Oaks Baker who is Elder Oaks daughter, and she is a popular violinist did a little devotional for us where she played. It was way cool, and she also had her 6 yr old (cello), 8 year old (piano), and 9 yr old (violin) play I am a Child of God. It was crazy good.
Monday I started getting sick, but I was still able to study effectively all day with the Lord's help. We do a little service on Monday too.
Tuesday: I was still sick and my throat was sore. We had to teach in the TRCC and somehow, I didn't notice it at the time, but my throat or sickness didn't effect me at all during the lesson and we were able to deliver a great message. The Lord works in small ways and we usually don't notice them, but He is so present in our lives and I am starting to realize that now. It's crazy how frequent He interacts with us and helps us out. I am so grateful to have such a loving Heavenly Father.
Also on Tuesday there was a devotional from Elder Cree-L Kofford and his wife. He talked about being obediant which was awesome and learning how to discern the spirit. My favorite thing he said was, "Success isn't in knowing doctrine, but in feeling it." or something like that haha.
Wednesday: It flew by, it was basically studying alllll day with an hour and a half of gym and shower break in between.
Today: I'm still a little sick but I'm fine. The Lord is really helping me out and I'm gratefull for it. Maybe I should do my part and take some medicine haha.
Thanks for the prayers, letters, packages, and support!!!
Love you all!
Elder Christiansen

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