Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct. 11, 2011

Since we are back into a trio now, the house is a little more crowded. Especially since we only have one room and we aren't doing the whole bunk bed thing. So we have three beds just right in a line. So the house is a little more crowded and a lot  more messy, but Elder Knapp really brings a lot to our companionship. He was in the MTC with me, but his Spanish is amazing. So it really humbles me (which I really need) and I get to learn from him and Elder Spilsbury now. Also our lessons are very hard to plan out since there is now three of us. So we have to really just kind of go by the Spirit, which is a lot better. And now when we take a member out with us, there is four of us knocking at the door, so  I kind of feel like a mob, but it is really fun.
On Saturday, it rained like all day. We were riding bikes that day. It was a pretty cold day. But I really don't mind the rain. And we get like 8x as many looks than we usually do whenever we are riding in the rain. My guess is it either stands as a testimony to people that are message is important, or that we are just crazy. I like to think the first one.
Saturday night we had the Fiesta International. I think every Spanish ward does it. But they just had booths up with different countries and everybody was representing their country and made food for it and also did some dances. It was a pretty good time.
At church I am starting to understand more and more every Sunday. Especially Fast Sundays. This time, only about 15 people stood up right away to go bear their testimony. I don't know why they all just love to do it, but it is a wonderful sight haha. And they really have strong testimonies, so it is really nice to hear them.
Yesterday, we played some indoor soccer. A member owns it and he is way cool. He is only like 27 and he served his mission in Eugene, Oregon and was an assistant to the president. He was telling me to do what I love after the mission. I'm pretty sure I would love to just have a huge sports complex that had soccer fields, basketball courts, and other stuff including a Nike outlet store inside, but unfortunately I have no idea where to get that money. I'll start worrying about it in 2 years though.
Every week my testimony grows stronger and stronger. I also realize just how hard Satan works to try and make us be happy. Whenever something is going well with a person or we are about to have a lesson, Satan tries to do something to hinder this work. He makes it very difficult and frustrating sometimes. Even though Satan has power, we have more. Because we have Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost on our team. Two people can do anything as long as one of them is God. I know that as we pray every day, read our scriptures every day, and work on improving ourselves every day through continuous repentance, we will be able to resist the temptations of Satan more easily, find more joy in our lives, and ultimately we will be able to live with our families for time and all eternity and in the presence of our loving and merciful Father in Heaven. I know this gospel is true, I love it and I love serving a mission.
I love you all too and appreciate all your prayers and letters. They help me out so much!
Love Elder Christiansen

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