Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct. 24th, 2011

So Tuesday I went on an exchange with a Zone Leader in his area. His area is the single adults ward. So we went to UCF's campus which is way nice and looks really new. We taught a couple lessons there. We had some lessons in the library part where you could talk. It was weird to pray in the middle of a ton of students and to talk about the Gospel. But with all the commotion around, the spirit was still there. It was definitely a different experiance, but really cool. We met some cool people and in the Student Union Square outside there were people rapping about religion. It didn't seem right at all haha. There are so many students there it is a crazy place. But the Zone Leader I was with is really outgoing and can talk with like anyone so I learned a lot from him to just not be scared and to just have a fun time talking with people.
Wednesday we met a lady who was putting her kid in her van outside a house we thought was hers. She told us to come back whenever because she was leaving. We came back Thursday and it turned out to be a daycare center inside of a house. So she didn't mind us coming back because it wasn't her house! We got hustled bad haha.
Thursday we taught a guy and his wife and I thought here name was Lupe because we are teaching a lot of girls named Lupe. So I said the prayer and referred to her as Lupe. Right before we left, I looked in my planner and her name wasn't Lupe... Ooops. So I apologized and we all just laughed, so it was good. The only time I am ever funny when I am speaking Spanish is when I am wrong unfortunately. Yesterday an 8 year old girl who we know pretty good because her dad is ward mission leader told me I didn't speak Spanish haha. It was pretty funny. My companions were laughing pretty hard at me. It is a lot harder to learn Spanish here because most of the members in our ward can speak English. But we have a rule where we just don't speak English, so the Spanish is getting better.
We went to the temple on Friday which is always nice! The Celestrial Room has purple and light pink couches! Only purple couches in a temple in the world is what I heard! It was really cool. And it is always nice to go to the temple of course. We get to go like once a quarter a think. It was my first time at the temple since I have been here. Later we taught a lesson and learned a lesson about teaching. It was the worst lesson I had taught out here. We tried to teach them and they had a lot of questions, we should have just listened. I don't know what we were thinking. But they want us to come back, so the Lord didn't let us mess up too bad!
Saturday we knocked a door and a guy opened, told us to wait and he brought back The Book of Mormon that he rented from the library! In Spanish! He said he believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that Jesus Christ came to the Americas. So we asked him if he wanted to be a member of our church. He avoided the question and didn't really seem too interested in us coming to visit. But we are going to keep stopping by until he tells us not too. Really weird situation.
Sunday at church a member showed me a picture he had on his phone. It was a church here in Oviedo that had a sign that said, "Don't pray about the Book of Mormon, that's how they get you!". I thought it would be wierd to not ask Heavenly Father, who knows all, if a book was true haha. The church is true! I love it and am so grateful to have it in my life!
Thanks for the prayers and letters! Love you all!
Love Elder Christiansen 

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