Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct. 31st, 2011

Yesterday was Stake Conference which was good. We had someone from the Seventy, but I forgot his name, but I do have it written down in my notes. There were several speakers and President Hall and Sister Hall bore their testimonies. The thing that I got out of it that I really liked was that we have the Spirit with us and we just need to unplug ourselves and listen to it! It really just hit me hard because a prophet (can't remember) once said that he couldn't walk across the living room without receiving some type of thought, inspiration, revelation, etc. from the Spirit. Sometimes we are just so caught up in the world and what is going on that we don't listen to the spirit, which is our best help! He said the two places to feel the Spirit and to receive the blessings such as revelation, inspiration, uplifting thoughts, etc. is at the temple, and the Sabbath Day. And it wasn't just at church. It was that when we keep the Sabbath Day and actually honor it, we take ourselves out of the world and make ourselves more receptive to the promptings of the Spirit. He told a story of how a ladies husband died (We will name her Mary for the story), and I'm pretty sure it was that her husband died from a heart attack as she was taking her son to the MTC or something. (Not really sure). But of course it was just really devastating for her and she was just really down for the longest time. She had a really good visiting teacher (Lets go with the name Annie) though that tried to comfort her and do whatever she could to get the lady back to a happier state of mind. Nothing was really working. One day the visiting teacher and her husband went on a couple hour road trip to San Francisco. The visiting teacher while riding in the car was thinking her friend who was just really depressed. She told her husband when they got closer to San Francisco that she felt that they should buy a sourdough loaf and fresh crab for Mary from San Fransisco. Her husband said that he didn't think fresh crab was such a good idea for a road trip. So Annie just kind of brushed off the thought for a while and then when they were about to leave San Fransisco to head back home, Annie insisted on taking some fresh crab and sourdough bread back to Mary. Her husband said okay, so they packed it all up in whatever and made the trip back home which I'm guessing took around 4 hours. On their way home, they stopped by Mary's house and Annie went up to the doorstep to give her the crab and sourdough. Mary opened the door and Annie said, "We went to San Fransisco today and we brought you back a loaf of sourdough and some fresh crab." Mary took it and just stud there with a shocked look on her face not saying anything. So Annie said something like hope you like it and bye. Annie gets in the car with her husband and tells him that she doesn't think Mary likes crab. A couple days later Annie receives a letter in the mail from Mary. In the letter Mary apologized for the look she gave Annie and that she didn't say anything, and also it said that (Annie) doesn't know this but her husband and her favorite place to go for his doctor conferences was San Fransisco and that whenever they would go, they would always buy some fresh crab and a loaf of sourdough. And she also said that (Annie) doesn't know, but the day she dropped off the fresh crab and sourdough was Mary and her husband's anniversary. And it was a little note that just said "I still remember."  
That story really hit me hard and now that I look back into the near future, there are things that people have said and that I have seen people do that was just something that I really needed that day. I know that the Spirit put it in their minds what to say or do. Sometimes it is difficult to listen to the Spirit with everything that is going on, but I know that if we listen it will talk to us. Sometimes we don't know if a thought is from us or from the Spirit. If it is a good thought, just do it and don't question it. You will be blessed for it. And you will come to learn that the Spirit is more apparent in your life than you know and you will start to learn and understand more about the Spirit. You will touch the lives of others and we will a better instrument in the Lord's hand. The Spirit is real, it's why I am serving a mission today. I see its help and guidance every day in little ways and sometimes in big ways. By little things, great things come to pass. I know this church is true and I love you all and am grateful for your prayers.
Love Elder Christiansen

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