Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nov. 7th, 2011

Tracting is really awkward at night sometimes because you don't want to wake people up and a lot of people just tell you it's late, but one night we decided we would just try to work really hard and knock a lot of doors in the time we had before our next appointment that was close. Because it was night and no one was outside we started running, from house to house to knock as many doors as possible. We kept the running pretty suttle so we were still dignified and we didn't run if a car was passing or people were outside, but we had the greatest time tracting that I have ever had. The Lord blessed us of for trying to knock a lot of doors. I would guess we knocked about 10 doors in ten minutes and we had about 5 houses that would allow us to come back. Those are crazy good percentages for tracting. So we had a blast, and the Lord blessed us. I don't think we were blessed because we were running from house to house, I think it was because our attitudes were high and we were expecting and really wanting to find some people that night. Something that is really underestimated in life and missionary work is attitude. If we have high expectations, believe in ourself, and trust the Lord, we will more likely have success and accomplish what we need to accomplish. I have seen this in my mission many times. Some days we have tracted for hours and maybe found 2 houses that would even allow us to come back. Those days were the days when I was just really not in the tracting mood. It was hot, humid, I wanted to teach not tract, I didn't have much faith that anything good would come out of my efforts. But then I have had days where I love life, I love Florida, I love the weather, I love the people, I love tracting, and I just had fun and had some faith that we would find someone. And we would find so many more people in shorter amounts of time. I know that it has to do with attitude. As I'm writing this I am thinking to myself, why don't I always just have a good attitude then haha? I think it is because it is hard. Some days I have a good attitude and nothing huge comes of it. Then I get down on myself and my attitude drops. The Lord doesn't always want it to be easy for us because we won't grow, learn, and develop better qualities. But I know we have to keep our attitude up, trust in ourself, but more importantly trust in our Heavenly Father and glory in Him (Alma 26).
Times aren't always easy, I have a strong testimony of that on my mission haha. But I also have a strong testimony that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, and that He is always there for us and that if we turn to Him, everything will be better.
I know this church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. I love the peace I can feel when I read it. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He lives. Heavenly Father loves us and is always there for us.
I love you all and miss you all. Thank you for the prayers and everything else!
Elder Christiansen

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