Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb. 13th, 2012

First of all shout out to HDF 587 for turning in the mission papers! one love.

Well this was my first week to be here in Clermont/Minneola, Florida.
It is really beautiful here and it has A LOT of hills. The only place
in the mission with some hills. And it has been really cold lately.
But I think it will be heating up this week.

So I am now in English work. At first when I heard I wouldn't be
speaking Spanish, I was a little upset last week, but I kind of had
the re-assurance that all was well, that there was something for me
to learn, and that I was coming here for a reason.

The first sign that I am suppose to be in this area, was that during
the first lesson that we taught when I first got here, the
investigators grandma came in during the lesson. She was in my ward
back in Valencia. So that was super cool that I knew here in Valencia,
and know I am teaching her grandchildren who are like 25 and speak
perfect English haha. And then right after the lesson we went to an
in-active members house. He is the son of a family in the Valencia
ward that I was pretty close too. So that was really cool also. I am
also getting to use my Spanish quite a bit here. And I know that if I
work hard here, my Spanish won't decrease too bad because the Lord
always has a way for us to fulfill His commandments, and I am
called/commanded in a way to speak Spanish. So I know that all will be
well. And my testimony has grown in the promise that wherever we are
called, it is for the purpose of the salvation of souls. (something
like that)

I have also seen the Lord's hand in my new companion. His name is
Elder Bennett from Ranchocucamonga, CA. He is really cool and we have
a ton in common. I have been struggling out here with just wanting to
be perfect. I wanted to be the perfect teaching, contacter, etc. And I
wanted to know exactly how to do missionary work to get the best
results. And he has taught me in this short week that I am just crazy
and that I stress too much. (Got it from Grandpa Jeff, big ups to my
gpa!) And that I need to relax a little, work hard, enjoy my mission,
and have a fun time. We work really hard still, but we have a lot of
fun and I think I am getting better at not worrying as much haha.
Because I can't be perfect on my mission, I was always unsatisfied
with myself and just kind of beat myself up too much. So I am glad for
his counsel that he gave me that I can't be perfect haha and to just
RELAX a little bit (my mind).

Here our complex has a half court basketball court!!!! So much easier
to have desires to work out in the morning! And another set of Elders
live in our complex, not same apartment, and so workouts in the
morning are super fun now. We live on the second floor in a pretty
nice apartment. I like it.

And the ward here is awesome! I went from only having about 19
families in my proselyting area to work with, to about well a whole
ward of families, so that is really awesome. And the bishop here is
really awesome and the ward missionaries are really good too, so I am
super excited to work with the ward here.

I am loving life right now. I am the happiest/busiest I have ever
been. I know that the church is true and that we indeed have a
Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can imagine.

I love and miss you all, hope all is well. Thank you for the prayers!

With love and swagg ;),
 Elder Christiansen

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