Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb. 6th, 2012

Well I'm getting transferred and will leave this area tomorrow! I'm
excited, but also kind of bummed. I really liked it here and will miss
it a lot. I learned a lot of things that will help me for the rest of
my life. I feel like we just finally got 3 super cool investigators
that all are progressing great and now I am leaving. But that's how it
goes haha!

This week was an awesome week to finish off. A lot of things happened.
We taught some very cool lessons and we received a lot of help from
the Lord and from the members.

On Friday a member came with us and we taught a lesson to a lady who
is reading the Book of Mormon and is searching for a religion. It was
amazing how we found her and I know that the Lord prepared her for us.
But the lesson was really cool. Because first of all the member and
investigator became really good friends right off the bat. And we
taught the Plan of Salvation to her and she was really interested. She
has a lot of questions and they all can be answered through the Plan
of Salvation. She was really excited to read the pamphlet.
Then after that we went to a Part-Member's house, who just recently
moved here and we didn't know it and they didn't know which church to
go to because they wanted to go to a Spanish one. It was another
miracle of how we began teaching them because we didn't know about
them because they never were in the ward roster. The Lord has prepared
them too. It is a blessing to see the Lord's hand in this work every
day. But we taught a family home evening about how to become closer
together as a family. We were trying to think of a game to play with
them alllllll day, and then at the last moment it finally came all
together! And they really enjoyed the game. It was a very cool lesson.
They also fixed some super good lasagna haha.

Friday was an awesome day, and it came right after a really really
rough Thursday. I feel like I am on a constant roller coaster of ups
and downs. And I have come to realize that Satan is always trying to
discourage us and get our hopes down right before blessings come. I
constantly get my hopes down and frustrated and it is something I need
to work on! But I know that I can always pray to a loving Father in
Heaven who wants to help me and hear me. I couldn't do this work
without prayer. Prayers of my own and all of your prayers. I am really
grateful for them. I love and miss you all!
Elder Christiansen

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