Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 30th, 2012

This week was pretty awesome! We really tried to talk with everyone
that was in our path this week and we saw the blessings for it.
Although about 90+% of the people weren't Spanish, we found more
people than we usually do. And we also got more references this week
from the media, other missionaries, and the members than I think I
have ever gotten so far on the mission. It was truly a blessing from
the Lord and I really saw His hand this week.

This week we had the opportunity to teach about the Spirit. When we
taught about the Spirit, the Spirit did all of the teaching. It was
really cool. And when I say the Spirit did the teaching, it wasn't
like we were receiving all this revelation on what to say, but we just
read a few scriptures and there was a lot of things that were learned
during the lesson that weren't ever said. As a missionary, we are
constantly learning thing from the investigators also, there is
nothing like this work. It truly is the Lord's work. It is super cool
to see who is ready and not as ready and who just doesn't have as much
interest. When a person is closed, but still listens, it is very hard
to feel the Spirit working through you, it is a lot harder to teach.
But when they are open and are actually trying to find the truth and
are willing to make changes, it is almost as if you can't mess up.

We have been having a lot of fun lately. Working hard and just
enjoying life. It is really fun to be in a trio. Yesterday it was
almost 8 and we wanted to really see this one potential. But it was
about 7ish (maybe rounding up ;) ) miles away, and so we biked with
about all the energy we had left for the week to try and get there by
8:30 so we could teach for 30 minutes and ride back home to get back
before 9:30. We are allowed to be out until 9:30 if we are teaching.
So we got there at 8:30, knocked the door and they were busy and sick.
Super devastating, but we were really depressed, we were sad that
they couldn't hear the message, but the Lord really does a lot for us
in the work to help keep our spirits up especially when there are some

I know the gospel is true, I love it, I love you all and know that
Heavenly Father loves you more than you can imagine. Jesus Christ is
our Savior and Redeemer.

Thank you for your prayers!
Love, Elder Christiansen

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