Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan. 23rd, 2011

First off I would just like to give a shout out to my boy Elder Miles Adams with his mission call to Paris, France! That's going to be awesome!

This week was a pretty good week! We got some new investigators to teach which was good because we had dropped quite a bit the week before and this week. The Lord always seems to provide after we drop
or lose an investigator. It is really cool to see His hand like that!

I really did see the Lord's hand a lot this week. We were very blessed. I learned several lessons too! One of the lessons I learned is just how important thought out and inspired planning is. We can accomplish so much more if we plan out our days very thoroughly. It is something that I hope I will continue to do even after the mission. And with planning also comes setting goals. And usually I had just been setting weekly goals, but I learned at a meeting this week that setting daily goals helps. So I started doing that, and it is really cool. And the goals aren't really hard, but are just little things that help me more fulfill my purpose as a missionary. We are supposed to talk with everyone that we see and sometimes I like to duck out of those opportunities because someone might be talking on the phone, walking a big dog, or talking to someone else. But one day I just made a goal to talk with everyone within or pretty close to my path. It was really fun to do it and there are promises in Preach My Gospel about how we will have more people to teach if we talk with everyone,
instantly bear testimony, refer to the Restoration and families, and ask EVERYONE for referrals. So I want to be able to master that because I know that will really help out the work here. So yesterday, we knocked a door at one of the Spanish people we found in the phonebook. A girl answered and said her parents weren't home but that we could come back a different day. So we went back into the driveway and got our bikes. A car acted as if it was going to turn into the driveway as we were in it (most awkward moment when you are at someones house and then they arrive), but then it drove to the next houses' driveway. So we crossed the street because we asked if there were any other Spanish in the neighborhood and she pointed to a house.
But as we knocked the other door, the car reversed out of the driveway and went back to the one we just came out of. During that time we got rejected at the door. The lady that pulled into the driveway got out
of her car with a lot of bags, and since we had just came from her house I thought it would be awkward to go talk to her. But I remembered my goal, and I offered to help her with her bags, and she accepted and
we taught a lesson to her. She is really nice and it was a cool experience. It was super awkward to go back into the house and see the girl who told us to come back a different day, but it was definitely worth it. I know if we set worthy goals and make plans to accomplish the goals, the Lord will help us overcome our weaknesses etc. He loves us and wants us to keep improving.

I love you all and miss you! Thanks for the prayers and everything else!

Elder Christiansen

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