Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan. 17th, 2012

Okay so I don't have like any time because I just got carried away
talking to a guy in the library. He asked me where I was from and said
he was from Reno and went to McQueen. So we talked a while and he
knows some members of the church in Fallon.

But I would like to share a story we talked about at church this week.
In Priesthood, the lesson was on service. And there was a story of a
boy and a girl who were twins and they were young, I'm guessing around
5 because I forgot. And the daughter needed a blood transfusion to
survive. The doctor said the mom that the twin brother would have to
do it. The mom said she would go ask him, but that he was scared of
needles. She asked the boy and told him that they would take his blood
to give it to his sister. He thought about it and said he would do it.
So they did everything, and the boy gave the blood. And after it all
was over, the boy said to the mom, when I die tell my sister I love
her. The boy thought he was giving all of his blood to his sister! It
is crazy to think about how he thought he was going to die and still
did it out of love.

The work here is getting better and better every day. I love it and
know that it is true. We had some awesome experiences in this past
week. I know that God hears our prayers and answers them. Just not
always in our time, but He knows what is best and He answers them on
His time. I love you all and miss you all.

Thanks you for all your prayers! Can't do it without them!
Love, Elder Christiansen

On a side note, I played some basketball yesterday for P-Day. I am
super sore today. Super out of shape. But it was a good time.

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