Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th, 2012

So this week was another week of a roller coaster of emotions! But we saw a lot of miracles which were great.

We had contacted a lady on a bench a while ago and recently taught her. During the lesson, her kids were a little disruptive and we were outside teaching in the sun. The whole time I was thinking "This is horrible!" but at the end she said she felt so much better and the day we had contacted her, she was feeling a little down and knew that God put us in her path. So that was a humbling experience. And also one that makes you feel a lot better! It also called me to repentance for being a "Debbie Downer." I am working on that!

We also taught this one lady named Simona. When we got to her home, her 15 yr old son answered the door and we taught them both. He is super positive and during the lesson was really into it! It was awesome. When we told the Joseph Smith story, he got up on his chair and was like "Well how do you know if he is a true prophet!?" That is like my favorite question because it means the spirit had been teaching them and also it is the perfect transition into the Book of Mormon and prayer haha. The mom was also saying things during the lesson about her beliefs that were so LDS beliefs! Basically the whole Christianity world believes in the trinity. She said however she believed they were 3 separate beings. She didn't really believe in hell of fire and brimstone forever, and also she didn't believe in the rapture. I couldn't stop smiling haha. But ya they are a super cool family!

We got super sunburned on Saturday. I would maybe wear sunscreen, but I'm too lazy and it would just run into my eyes from all the sweat. The worst part was we had to bike to the top of our area and on the way we passed a golf course. That is the worse thing for me! As you are sweating and dying and biking, you get to watch people relaxing and driving in golf carts haha. But missionary work is still the best!

We had a member bring a friend to church yesterday and the funny part was that Elder Spilsbury (my trainer, and missionary in the other part of our ward) taught the guy in his first area. So hopefully he will turn out to be real cool! We have a lot of appointments set up this week and so it should be great!

This work is awesome! I love it. I heard Quinn got is mission call! Tell him congrats! He is going to be great!

Thanks for the prayers and letters!

Elder Christiansen

P.S. don't forget to pray for missionary opportunities!

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