Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd, 2012 livin' la vida loca

Talk about a crazy awesome week! I feel like I am constantly on a roller coaster of emotion out here. It just goes up and down up and down down and up up up and down and up and down etc haha. It is crazy. I can't take it sometimes haha. But the week started out awesome on Monday. We met this guy like 4 weeks ago and just didn't think he was too positive. But we had a lesson with him finally and it was really awesome. He told us that out of all of churches that he had been too and learned about, our doctrine was the one that fitted best with his beliefs. So that was pretty awesome. He also has a car, Sundays free, and probably actually married, so that is so awesome! Then we watched the Joseph Smith movie at a member's house with a different investigator right after wards and the investigator loved it! So that was awesome. Then we went and taught the doctrine of going to church to a recent convert and her other family members who would be baptized if they had Sunday's free. It was very powerful as well and at the end of the lesson you could tell that they got it and it really started to click for them. It was an awesome night!

We went on a temple tour with Felicitas this week which was really awesome as well. They are always really good. There is a member in our ward that does a really good job at translating at the temple tour. Translating is super hard, but he is reallllllll good at it. I remember when I had to translate for President Hall in my first area. The speaker was speaking Spanish and I had to tell President and Sister Hall what he was saying. The speaker decided to share the least famous story in the bible. I knew nothing about it. President and Sister Hall got nothing out of it probably haha.

Well we set a baptismal day with Felicitas this week and it was super positive. Then some really bad luck happened on Sunday and she didn't come to church and instead went to a Catholic one and then decided that all churches are good. So tomorrow we get to call her to repentance. Should be awesome.

This week I had a goal of dragging out contacts so to say. A lot of people say that they are busy or something like that. I have never met so many busy people or people who are in a house with some kids that call them mom or dad and tell us that they are just house sitting. So this week I decided to when I heard an excuse to just start teaching and testifying. We saw a miracle because of it and ended up giving a pretty solid referral to the sister missionaries here. It was really cool. A lot of times when we are tired, having a rough time, etc we look for reasons not to talk to everyone or not to go the extra mile. Instead of look for excuses to talk to everyone and to try our very hardest. I have seen so many tender mercies from the Lord that have come from just pushing a little farther and fighting off the excuses that Satan puts in me. I know that the Lord will restrain us sometimes from doing something, but I also know that Satan does it as well especially when we are trying to share the precious and most desirable fruit with others. It is when we fight past those feelings that try to get us down that we see the hand of the Lord. I am learning slowly but surely to try and look at problems, discouragement, disappointment, other words that I can't spell, and trials as blessings and happiness because I know that something great is about to happen.

This week we had the opportunity to give a blessing to a lady who was struck by lightning. She was like gold or some kind of metal teeth and the thunder came down over her, then I guess some lighting hit her mouth or something like that. Super crazy bad luck, but maybe she needed it to be able to be receptive to the gospel. Watch the video by Elder Jefferey R. Holland "Sanctify Yourselves"... Kind of goes along with the story and is a great powerful video.

Well I love this work and the gospel. se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera. el libro de mormon es la palabra de dios. testifico que podemos recibir cada respuesta que necesitamos adentro de sus paginas. estoy agradecido estar aca en este punto de mi vida. yo amo a mi familia y la agradezco todo que ha hecho para mi.

This is the true church. Man could not have created an organization like this. It's principles and doctrines come from a God who is all knowing and loving.

Love you all. Happy late birthday to Ryan Stockard, my man. Love you bro.

Thanks for the prayers, love and miss you!

Elder Christiansen

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