Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hey everyone! Sorry we emailed late. We had a dentist appointment super far away, and we got back later in the day and the computer lab was down. So we are all just sending one email to all our families! So you know we are alright. Because they only let us onto the computers for like 5 min.
The week was super great! We had a blast. It was pretty hot. We knocked a lot of doors. But we also taught quite a bit of lessons. And had some spiritual ones in there! We had a couple investigators come to church and they liked it. We are hoping to set a couple of more baptismal dates this week:). We all get along pretty well. A trio is pretty fun! Never a boring moment. We have a young couple Jose and Marisol that are truth seekers! And we also have a couple of other families in there. It was a great mother's day at church. They gave them roses. We love you and thank you for your prayers. They always help us keep going! :)
-Los Misioneros
P.S. Sorry Grandma Jean for not responding about school! I felt bad afterwards. haha. I love you! And yes I am excited and nervous and sad. Bittersweet!

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