Monday, May 20, 2013


Well where to start? O ya.. We had a new family come to church this week! :) We have been blessed with so many miracles recently. There is no room to be sad. They are really cool! They loved church as well. So that is great. We have another lesson with them tonight and I think they are planning on going on a temple tour this Wednesday. There son who is 13 started investigating at first from the English elders. He was going to church with a neighbor friend. Then the mother got interested to see what her son was learning. And she doesn't really speak English, so we started teaching her. Then we invited her husband to join us as well and he did! There is also a daughter named Ailec who is 9! They really are a wonderful family!
Our Visa waiter, Elder Cheney is doing great! He is still with us. It is kind of selfish, but I don't want him to leave haha. It is crazy that at any moment we could get a call and he is gone.
Last week we knocked a lot a lot of doors. And we saw some miracles with that. Yesterday we were walking down a street and we don't knock every door, just the Spanish looking ones, and we felt to knock a door and so we did and a lady answered and her daughter isn't doing so great. So we said a prayer with her and taught her a little bit and she seems really great! We have another appointment with her this week. Tracting isn't the most desirable thing, but we make it fun and we are meeting some great people. We don't really have too many members, and no one is outside, and we aren't too creative, but we work hard and the Lord blesses us. We are getting really really tan though. No bueno. Me and my white companion use a lot of sunscreen.
Thank you for your prayers! They help me stay concentrated and motivated. We see miracles daily!
Love Elder Christiansen

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