Monday, May 6, 2013


Tuesday was probably one of my favorite days of the mission for sure! We had a baptism on Tuesday and we had invited the family that has a baptism date, but they weren't able to come because the mom had back pains. So while we were sitting in the baptism, the thought came to visit the family after the baptism and give her a priesthood blessing. The baptism was so smooth! We have a new way we run the baptism program and it was just perfect! We really couldn't have asked for a better baptism. And when we started the water to fill the font about 3 hours beforehand President had recommended that we watch the font fill up for a couple minutes. It was a real touching experience. Real peaceful. So after the baptism we took a couple with us to go do the priesthood blessing. We gave her the blessing and it was another just peaceful experience! She felt the spirit for sure and we shared a little message with them and they seem to be doing so well. As we left it started to rain pretty bad. The worst rain that I have seen in my 2 years here. So We had another appointment to go to and there were a bunch of cars that had just stopped in the MIDDLE of the road and put on their hazards because their windshield blades I guess couldn't keep up. So we were weaving in and out of them haha and we got to our next appt. The streets were just filled with water! And in that appointment, we had another great experience with the family. We watched a little video with them and talked about commitment and they committed pretty hard to go to church Sunday. Unfortunately they didn't come, but it was still a great experience. As we were driving home, I ran into a lake in the road haha and I think we were about wheel deep in water, so I just punched it and then all this water shot off the roof of our car. Exciting spiritual day haha. My feet got soaked this week from all the rain. I guess it cuz of all the holes in my shoes haha. Don't buy me new ones though. They were born with me into the mission and they are going to die with me in the mission :)
Today is the start of transfers. I am staying with my companero mexicano and also they are sending us a new missionary that is waiting for his visa #ElderStockardSwagg. So we will be in a trio for a while I imagine. Gonna be a blast!
Elder Christiansen
Thanks for your prayers Happy Mother's Day!

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