Monday, April 29, 2013

ya tu sabes!

Well we had a super duper amazing week! A lot of fun for sure! :) We saw plenty of miracles. And tomorrow Ana Rodriguez gets baptized!!!! And so I am extremely excited for that one. She is very special and soooo ready for baptism! Wish you all could come :).
This week Elder Soares from the Presidency of the 70 came to our mission. He is from Brazil. Pretty funny guy. Still has an accent! His daughter was there too and she just got out of the Paris mission, so I asked her if she knew Elder Adams. She said if she saw him probably, but she knew the name. I almost yelled at her for not knowing the greatest thing in that mission behind Belgium waffles, but I held back :p... He gave a good talk. Talked for about 90 min. Really humble guy and had some interesting stories to tell. It was a good spiritual feast!
We have been teaching a family of 7 and we set a baptismal date with them this last week!!!!!! And they should be coming tomorrow to the baptism as well :). I really hope so! They are really cool and like what we are teaching them. It is the Rodriguez-Arroyo family if you wouldn't mind praying for them! It won't be an easy road to baptism, but possible! So we are praying a lot for them.
We learned about God's will a lot this last week. I think that a lot of the things that go wrong in this life, we often wonder "why"... We had some cool experiences with that. Like last yesterday, we went to an appt at 1 and 2 o clock and both postponed for later that night at 7 and 8. So we went back later and one wasn't home and the other had guests over and since we had changed our plans around at night and shuffled some stuff around, our back ups were about 15 miles away and we are running out of car miles. So we went to Heavenly Father in payer and told Him we had done our part, we tried are hardest and our plans didn't work out the way we saw it. We asked Him what He wanted us to do, what was His will. We started driving and a thought to visit someone who we didn't think would be real interested came into our head. We went and followed the thought. We knocked the door, she opened and said that she was busy, we kept talking and then she came out on the porch and sat on her bench and we just kept talking. I could see in her character that she wasn't happy and even though she acted happy, she knew something was missing. We had a great lesson with her and she went away feeling the spirit that night. She speaks really good English so we passed her on to the English elders. I learned a lot from that personal experience. Sometimes our plans aren't the Lord's plans. Our will isn't always His will. But I know He sees the big picture when we can't. We often get frustrated and upset when our plans don't go through, but I know that is because He has something better. So a goal I have now is that when my plans and ideas don't go through, that I am not going to get frustrated, but search for what God wants me to do and learn.

I love you all and I am so grateful for your prayers! I hope all is well :)
From Disney World
love Elder Christiansen

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