Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference

Well I don't think I really have to say it, but General Conference was really amazing! I really loved it. I learned a lot. I hope that you all as well were spiritually fed by the words of the living oracles of God. I don't know what oracles means, but it sounds really good so I'm leaving it like that. I learned that I need to love a lot more. My whole mission I really have loved the work and I have worked hard. But I felt like I really need to love more. Love is what creates a lot of desires in this life. When people know that God loves them, they will desire to change and come unto him. They also talked that as people feel that they are accepted by others with good morals in this life they will do good things. And if they don't feel accepted, they will look for acceptance in other places usually not within the gospel. I know that God loves us all. That love is true love that does not have measure. His love is the most desirable thing in this life. We feel His love through the Spirit. It is peace, happiness, and tranquility. I really want to work on loving my investigators knowing that I love them. I want every contact as well to know that I love them. A lot of them are not interested, but I still want them to know that I love them and that God loves them as well.
Conference was really amazing. They talked a lot a lot about missionary work. Just do it! Lets pray, set goals, and open our mouths, the Lord is hastening His work. Let's catch the wave. Let us not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It truly changes the lives of our brothers and sisters. They need it. It is a real simple equation, study the scriptures, plan your life with purpose, teach the truth with testimony, and serve your God. Always invite. People often will not change unless invited to do so. We can talk all we want but we must invite. 3 simple words, Come And See.
We had a good week. Things are going great here, I love it. I cannot complain, I have Jesus Christ as my guide and friend, I know that I will always have him to lean on and to build my foundation on. He is the Son of God. He suffered, died, and resurrected. He is the Prince of Peace, I love him so much and am so grateful for him and all he has done. I am eternally grateful for my mission. It is amazing. I know God loves us and knows whats best for us. He is perfect. The plan is perfect. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Jesus Christ's church as restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. He saw God and Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, there is power within its pages. I love it. The field is white, already to harvest.
Thank you for your prayers, I love you all.
Elder Christiansen

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