Monday, April 1, 2013

Back for round two

Feels good to be in the same area again haha. We cover two English wards and since I already served in one of the English wards, well I know half the area already. I had my worst week ever on not being clutch haha. First day... We go tracting for about 4 hours. The first person we talk to is this like 12 yr old kid. He was swinging an axe at some bushes trying to cut them down and he was struggling. So I offer to help, he says yes, and I ask him what he wanted us to cut down. He said the bushes and a smaller tree. So I just go to work on the tree. About half the way done with it, the mom comes out screaming,"NO NO NO! What are you doing?" uhhhhhh... So best believe I threw the kid under the bus and said, he told me to chop it down. And she looked at the son and wasn't too happy haha. And they were his chores too haha so she wasn't happy about that. I apologized and she wasn't mad at us, just the kid haha. Then so as we are leaving, I see two older men walking so I say, How are you gentleman doing today? And I soon noticed that it was a man and his wife... ooops again. Then later in the week, the automatic key pad to our car is broken and we drive to a spot to tract for 2 hours, we park, I turn the car off and put the keys in between my lap to say a prayer. We say the prayer, I get out, and lock the car manually, shut the door, ooooops again. There were the keys on the seat. So we started tracting and calling to find people to help us and we ended up having to tract 4 hours instead of 2 waiting for help haha. But we saw 2 miracles from it. We met a guy that lived in Utah, he is from Argentina, and we talked to him, he didn't seem too interested and he said he went to church quite a bit in Utah. We kept talking and he opened up more and more. He gave us his number and said to call him, as we were leaving, he said, I was going to wait till next time, but I'm just going to tell you now. I am a member. My companion then put his arm on him, looked at him in the eyes and told him it wasn't a coincidence we met and that it was time to come back. Then later we found a Peruvian lady (best food in the world) and said a prayer with her and ended up teaching her yesterday and she is coming to conference this Saturday! Her son is in Mesa Arizona, so of course he is investigating and I guess really loving it! So we will see with her! And when we got to our car, there was the member with two metal bars prying our door open with a wire trying to pull our keys through. With time it worked haha, pretty cool. Car took a little damage though.. Oops. So my non-clutchness turned out to be a blessing. Glass half full!
Church was good this week. It is an English ward and there is a Spanish group in it. It is weird going to an English ward again. It is a real good ward, but very different than Spanish one's. In the English ones you have to go up to the members, and introduce yourself and the usually give you a welcome. In Spanish, you are like a rockstar. You go on, people come to you, take pictures, sign autographs, they ask you where your from, how much time, tell you to come over so they can feed you and get you fat, etc. Spanish people are really outgoing and love to love others and talk. We gringos are usually self-centered and don't know our neighbor's name haha. Unless your Donny and he see's someone with a new truck ;).
Don't pray for me... April fool's! Please do! Love you all!
Elder Christiansen

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