Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aug. 11th, 2011

So this week really went by fast. Which is nice. Everything is seemingly to get a lot more easy and better here. It's just kind of flowing which is nice. I think it is probably because it is just about the same every week haha. But I do enjoy it. Our district has been talking a lot about going to Orlando because hopefully today, we get our flight plans. Hopefully. If not today then probably tomorrow. Our Spanish as a district is pretty good. Our teachers our happy with our Spanish. And one of our teachers, I'm pretty sure likes me and my companions teaching skills, but the other, not so much haha. So we are working on it. Teaching is definitely the hardest thing! Afterwards I am just so tired and want to take a nap. I hope it is because the Spirit drained all my energy out of me haha. But it does take a lot of energy to remember all the teaching skills, but what takes the most energy and is the most important things are  listening to the investigator, discerning, and listening to the Spirit in no particluar order. I'm still kind of nervous to teach a lot of the time. Not in a Spanish sense, but just because it is almost impossible it seems like to have a PERFECT lesson. It's so frustrating. And I just want them all to be perfect, so teaching sometimes is just not my favorite thing, but I am getting better at it and enjoying it more.
I feel like I kind of busted out of my little Spanish slump. I think it is just because I don't realize I am getting better at Spanish. I can speak a lot faster now and I don't have to think how to conjugate as much and I don't have to think about what I am saying as much. I feel like my English is getting horrible. I don't know how to spell words sometimes and I notice some really bad sentence structures. But it's probably a good thing. In the TRC this week, which is where volunteers come in from the outside world and teach us, we taught a lady from Mexico. And it was difficult to understand everything she said. And it took just about everything I had to listen to her and try to figure out what she was saying. I could understand the main part of what she was saying, but I couldn't perfectly understand every sentence. It was a great experiance, but I was soooooooooo tired after teaching her. She did a lot of talking and it just took everything I had to just try and understand. Me and my companion this week also ran into a native Hispanic in the bathroom when we were doing our service time (it's a good thing, not a punishment) on Monday. He saw our name tags in Spanish I think and talked to us in Spanish. Really fast. So after repeating himself 2-3 times, we got every sentence and question he asked and were able to respond. I think the Spanish is coming along good, I just really need some help on the little filler words and little sayings here and there. And I need to work on understanding what people are saying better. But I feel like I can teach every lesson in Spanish pretty well. I can't say exactly what I want to say how I want to say it, but I can get the doctrine across. 
Elder Cecil O. Samuelson gave one of our devotionals this week, which was pretty good. What I got from it, is to always represent the Lord no matter where you are because people will always be watching you, especially as a missionary. And he told a story of 2 missionaries who were walking and thought they were alone, but there was a lady who was interested in their message and came to up to talk to them, but she came from behind them, and I guess the missionaries were talking inappropriately about something. I don't know how bad it was, but the girl who was following them, heard what they were saying and left and never asked her questions. Always be an example of Jesus Christ.
Love you all! Thanks for packages, letters, and you wonderful prayers!
Love, Elder Christiansen

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