Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aug 18th, 2011

This last week has been crazy! With getting my flight plans and realizing that my MTC experiance is almost over. It is crazy. I am a little nervous to go to Orlando because I am so accustomed to the MTC, and I'm one of the oldest (longest time) Elders in the MTC and when I go out to Orlando, I am back to the youngest. It's like going from High School to college again. But I am very excited. I am happy that our flight just goes straight to Orlando also. Some Elders get a couple hours of lay overs. There are 21 people total going to Orlando in my travel group. I only know 5 of us. I guess there are some fluent Spanish speakers and then some English speakers also. One of the Elders here was telling me that he hopes we don't get switched to English speaking. Because if there are a lot of Spanish speaking missionaries, then they would probably just have us speak English. But I don't know, I think that's just a rumor he heard. My dream would be to speak Spanish for the first year, then the second year be able to teach Spanish and English Investigators. That would be really nice because I would be able to talk to almost everyone. We go to the travel office at 6 here in the MTC and our plane leaves at like 9:45. Me and Elder Hubbard both have to be at the travel office at 6. I have been so blessed to have Elder Hubbard here in the MTC with me. It has made things a lot better. Because I run into him quite a bit and we get to talk and just lift each other up. I know that it wasn't a coincidence that we got here at the MTC on the same day. It is another way that the Lord has shown his hand in my life. Sometimes I don't think that we realize how often the Lord's hand is actually in our lives, but my testimony of it has grown here in the MTC.
One of the devotionals, the speaker told us about how the Lord will often send other people to answer our prayers. I know that that is true because some of my toughest days here in the MTC, The Lord sent someone to help me. Whether it was a letter from someone, I ran into Elder Hubbard, a teacher said something, or just any random person said something that helped me get through the day.
I'm loving the MTC. We have a 5-ish districts in our zone, but there is one district who got here the week after us that our district is really close with. It will be tough leaving them because we are just so close. Also there is a district that just came in last week and there is a companionship that I just love. I talked with them a lot yesterday. One looks like David Faught without the mustache. It is seriously crazy. I asked him if he was a cowboy, but he said no. But I still picture him as a cowboy just because he is like a miniature David. It is sooooo cool! And his companion is way cool too. I talked to him a lot last night. We recognized each other from BYU. We saw each other a lot at Jamba Juice. And his style really stood out, so I recognized him real fast. I was talking to him and he kind of dresses like a classy gentleman from the 70's. It is cool. He wears this tight fitting brown suit (hope he doesn't gain weight). And he has like the big old round glasses. I asked him what kind of swagg it is that he wears. He said he just buys all of his clothes at DI (thrift store). Except his suit. But he is just way nice and wears some really cool stuff.
I have some great teachers. One of them is so spiritual and has helped me out tremendously, the other is ALWAYS: in a good mood, hungry, funny, and crazy. I love them both. They both go to BYU and are extremely smart. One of them is majoring in accounting (the happy one, Hermano Moan) and the other wants to be a doctor (Hermano Snyder). I have been so blessed to have great teachers, some Elders here, don't get blessed as much with as good teachers. I can really just see how wonderful my distrct and teachers are.
Sorry for my horrible English! Spanish is going good and starting to take over a little bit. Which is good. I love Spanish, it is a blessing that we can learn new things and gain more knowledge on this earth. 
Thanks for the prayers, packages, and letters!
I Love You All and appreciate everything that you have done for me, I love this gospel and serving a mission. I am so grateful to be apart of this church. I know it is true with all my heart!
Love Elder Christiansen 

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