Monday, August 29, 2011

Aug. 29th, 2011

Sooo Florida is soooo cool! I love it. The people here are amazing and the place is amazing. President Hall is way awesome and all about working hard, so I love it. The members here are so fun. The Spanish people seem to be a lot more fun than us haha. Their church is way cool. And the food here is amazing. I think I will be throwing on some pounds here. They give us so much food and it is some of the best food I've ever had. It is like eating at Grandma Jean's house every night and sometimes lunch. But it looks like our meals with members are going to get cut down, so we either have to have investigators fix us food or cook for ourselves. But I seriously love it here. It is a blast! I love the work here, we have a LOT to do. And here there is no such thing as a dry handshake. Our hands are clammy 24/7. And this week we rode our bike, we get the car every other week. And our area is sooo huge and so spread out, it is really hard to get around on a bike. It takes forever to bike sometimes. So it is pretty inefficient, but we get to meet a lot of people. So we pass out a lot of cards, which is really fun. We live in Oviedo, which is basically Orlando. It is to the North East I think. And UCF is in our area. So we see a lot of college students. They usually don't make fun of us and actually listen to us more than I thought. We really haven't got to many things yelled at us yet. I'm in a 3-some. One of my companions is Elder Spilsbury. He has been out for a year and is from Mesa, Arizona. His Spanish is basically perfect. He does most of the teaching and listening because he is the only one that understands the people haha. He just got transfered to this area with me. The other is Elder Klekas, he has been in this area for 3 months. He knows the area and where everyone lives, but doesn't speak as good of Spanish as Elder Spilsbury. I can't understand most of the Spanish people. They talk to fast. But I can understand the ones that speak clearly and more slowly and I can understand basically everything Elder Spilsbury says. I can also talk in Spanish and they understand me. I get made fun of all the time by members and their kids because I can't understand them. Sometimes they talk especially fast just to mess with me. I love them. They are just all way funny. I really just want to stay in this place for 8 months or whatever the max is. I don't like coming in not knowing anyone, anywhere, or what's going on. I just like to be real organized and know what's going on, but when you change it is like starting all over. So last week was kind of slow because we had to meet everyone and organize it a little bit. So this week should really pick up. We have met some real could people and I have high hopes.
I love everything here!
So the other day I put just regular hand washing dish soap in the dishwasher and that created a lot of bubbles all over. Cooking is going pretty good, I don't have to iron. I love the weather, it isn't too hot at all. My companions are sweet. Everything is just awesome. And I really can't tell you how much I love the food. We have rice with every meal. But I like it, so it is all good. And there isn't just one major type of Spanish people here. They are from all over, it is pretty cool actually. We talk to a lot of English people too, which is fun because I can understand them. The worst thing is just that our area is so spread out that it takes forever and its hard because Spanish people are mixed in with English and you always don't know what houses to knock, but the Spanish houses have a different type Dish Network satellite and just little features of the house sometimes means Spanish. 
O ya and our apartment complex has a movie theatre, gym, pool, hot tub, but we only get to use the gym haha.
Love you all, don't really have a lot of time but thanks for all the prayers and letters!
Love Elder Christiansen

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