Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aug. 4th, 2011

This week is flying by! It's really nice though because I think my whole district is ready to get out of here already haha. The MTC is fun, but just really repetitive. We went to the temple today and ate in the cafeteria there again. It was real good. I got biscuits and gravy, hasbrowns, bacon, and sausage for $5.
I'm am sooooo tired all the time. I need like 10 hours of sleep I'm pretty sure. I think that's just about how everyone else feels too. I think every other branch is aloud to take naps on P-Day except ours. So that kinda stinks, but P-Day is just such a busy day writing letters and laundry, I really don't think I have time for a nap.
The District I'm in really seems to get along great, we have a real good time and since there are only 7 of us, we are pretty close.
The 5 going to Orlando:
Elder Yentes, my companion, he is from Fresno area California (Tulare). I really like him, he is way good at talking to someone for a couple minutes and being able to know a lot about them. He is really good at just listening to people and the Spirit.
Elder Gregory, he is companions with Elder Skalka, Elder Gregory is from South Jordan and he is the district leader right now, we are in the same room, he is way funny.
Elder Skalka is from Logan, Utah and he is just real nice and always is having a good time.
Elder Knapp, he is in a trio companionship with the Elders going to Ventura. He is the best in our district at Spanish... By far. He speaks way good and can understand about everything. He is from Eugene, Oregon.
The 2 going to Ventura:
Elder Smith, he is from San Antonio and he says ya'll quite a bit, but doesn't have an accent.
Elder Coles is from somewhere in Utah like 15 minutes away, he knows a ton of stuff about everything it seems like.
The Devotionals were once again great this week. I forget one of the speakers because I don't have my journal, but the one I remember (Elder Gerald N. Lund) (I think) talked about faith and hope. He told a story of an Elder who lived at the top of Brazil. He was called to serve in Sau Palo, Brazil (I think) and so he took a 4 day journey down to the mission. The first day he gets there, he is just real tired and really scared. The Mission President told him that he was going to be going teaching with an older Elder after dinner. The new Elder was scared and told the Mission President he couldn't do it, but the Mission President sent him out anyways. When they went out to teach, the Senior Companion told the younger that there was an appointment that fell through, so they were just going to go track instead. The new Elder was really scared, but did it anyway. The Senior Companion told him that he would knock the first door and told the younger one to watch him because he would be taking the second door. The person answers the door and they get rejected. So they go to the second house and the younger Elder won't knock the door, so the Senior Companion knocks it and then pushes the kid up onto the step. When the door opened, it was the new Elder's sister that answered. His sister had run away from home about 4 years before that day and the family had no idea where she was or if she was even alive. It was the new Elder's first contact and conversion.
I really liked the story becuase I know that I really just need to have faith and hope, and just go about doing the work and then the Lord will provide and help me out.
The Spanish is really kind of just at a little stand still. I feel like the words I am learning know are words that most people won't ever use. So I am just trying to work on speaking better and being able to conjugate on the fly. Our whole district kind of feels the same way. I can understand quite a bit of what our teachers say in Spanish and I can read most verses in the Scriptures, but just the speaking real fluently is still coming. The first for weeks here, my Spanish skills just shot up, but now they kind of are just gradually getting better. It is kind of frustrating, but I am confident that I'll be fine as long as I just keep studying the language.
Just about every gym time, I play basketball. It's pretty fun because there are a lot of good guys in my gym time, so we get some pretty good games going. I play volleyball every once in a little while, but it's not as fun as basketball. And then sometimes I'll play a game of 4 square, but that gets boring real fast. I've been trying to gain some weight, and I've gained a couple of pounds just these last couple of days, but I still am trying to gain more.
On Tuesday's we have a tradition now in our zone called "que parte martes." Which is like "What part Tuesdays". So the people who have long enough hair just try and do some nice parts in their hair. Mine was looking good this Tuesday, but it still has so more growing to do.
Sorry my letters are so boring! The highlight of every week for me are the devotionals, and then nothing else really changes! sorry. O but yesterday, we had a workshop (which is new because the started a new curriculum) and it was really cool, the showed videos of people who had difficulties then we would teach someone based on the video. It was real said, but really fun.
Thanks for the prayers, letters, and packages!
Love you all,
Elder Christiansen

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