Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept. 12th, 2011

We are having a good time out here! It is tough, but it is fun. I learn something new every single day. The Lord always provides us with whatever we need. If He didn't help us in this work, it would be impossible. We had two big thunderstorms this week and it was bike week, I really enjoyed it. A little sketchy with lighting striking around but we were smart about it and it was far enough away that the only danger was getting really wet from all the rain. So I thought it was a blast. It was my first time getting stuck in a rain storm out here so far. We might have even made the news. Some news guy had a camera looking at something during the storm and we rode right by him. We also met a real cool Spanish guy in the storm. He had no where to go because he was looking for shelter. So we got his address, the Lord always puts people in our path. It's bien (really) chevery (cool).
One day it was just really sunny and I didn't put on sunscreen. When I got back home, I had the worst missionary tan. I took a picture of it, so I'll be sending that pretty soon. 
One day we were biking and a car got a flat tire right next to us. We were just hoping they were Spanish. And they were. so we helped them for a while to get the tire back on and got their address. They seemed real nice also.
Elder Spilsbury had leadership meetings this week and so I had to go on an exchange with an English speaking missionary. We stayed in my area though. When we ran into Spanish people, my Spanish was just flowing. It was so cool. But then once Elder Spilsbury got back, my Spanish went back to it's regular bad self. It's chevery how the Lord helps you when you really need it.
I can't remember any of my last letters that I wrote, so I don't know if I already told you this, but last P-Day we went and played indoor soccer with some members of our ward because one of them owns a sweet facility. And I got torn up. But it was way fun still.
I really don't know what to say except I'm loving it out here and I'm learning so much!
Thanks for all your prayers! And Love you all!
Love, Elder Christiansen

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  1. what a sweet boy!!! Lots of great experiences in serving others. I'm so happy that they get to have this time in their lives!!! I haven't been posting Elder Y's letters, I will try to remember to email it to you. Happy Day!!!