Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec. 5th, 2011

So to start off the week, when we left the house for P-Day, about a mile into our bike ride, my bike sounded like a metel thing started wrapping around my tire, so I slammed on the brakes and when I looked at my back tire, a whole key was stuck in my tire! But the night was saved thanks to a member. We went to Wal-Mart to get a tire and a tube, and I bought a tube that was pure rubber and can't go flat. It had pictures of like screws, screwdrivers, and nails in it. So I bought it. Regretted that! The next day we put on the rubber tube and it was like putting on an already blown up inflatable tire, so it took forever. On Wednesday, I was riding behind my companion and he got about 100 yards in front of me because the tire was so heavy, I couldn't keep up! Haha, so we bought just a regular tube and changed it out so we could bike a lot faster. But there was definitely some good that came out of bad luck and my lack of wisdom. We made better friends with a member, got some delicious juice, and we are prettty good at changing tires now. But the most important thing is that I have learned to appreciate having a bike. I am so grateful for a bike now! And then on Sunday, my companion got a flat tire, and it was about 8 o' clock and we were about a 3 hour walk from our house. But the Lord's hand was definitely in that one because we called a member and they said they would meet us at 7/11 to pick us up and take us home. So while we were sitting on the curb at 7/11, some Spanish family pulls up and gets out of the car to rent a Redbox. But right away the husband started talking to me, like he knew me. I then saw the wife and knew who they were, I had only talked to him once before and her like 3 times. She is in-active and he was never baptized. They are a super nice family and he told us that he hopes to see us soon! He had been working in Tampa for a while, so he was never there with her, but he said he should be back for a while, so we will see how that goes! The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes, we just have to look for his hand. And usually when something good is about to happen or a blessing is coming, Satan tries to do something to get our hopes down. I know the Lord's hand is always there for us, we just have to look for it.
Another thing I learned this week in my studies was that we can't always rely on the Spirit for everything. I came into the mission field expecting the Spirit to tell me, "turn here", "knock this house", "do this", "do that". But I read in Preach My Gospel about how a lot of times, we won't get every question answered, every problem solved, and that we can't just expect that the Spirit is going to tell us what to do. We have to make decisions for ourslelves, make mistakes, grow, and experiance things. It is why we are here on earth today. We make some bad decisions and we make some good decisions, it's all part of the Plan of Salvation, what a wonderful and perfect plan that it is! And it is real comforting to know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves and and Jesus Christ, Our Saviour, who are always there for us!
Thank you for your prayers! They are working!
Love Elder Christiansen

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