Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21st, 2012

We had a pretty funny/cool/awesome week. One night we got home and we decided to pick up some old papers and call some people. So we called like two people and one answered. She said we could come over in a couple weeks to help her mom or something. (It was a weird conversation). And she didn't seem to positive. Then about 15 minutes later we get a text from her saying that she had been praying for some support-assistance earlier then we called a little later! So that was pretty cool. The weird thing was that the spirit had guided us a couple times that day and they were just little thoughts and no huge impressions. I can know see why we always have to be open to thinking and pondering and meditation!

We set 2 baptismal dates this week, which was pretty awesome! We taught a lesson by just reading out of the Book of Mormon, and then explaining the verses. It was a powerful/simple/ easy to teach Plan of Salvation lesson. It was really cool. Teaching from the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon has to be the best way to teach because the spirit is in them. In our district we have 4 Spanish missionaries, one that speaks Creole (Haiti), and 3 English missionaries, but one is from Russia. So we have 4 different languages spoke amongst the 8 of us, which is pretty cool.

So a sweet event this week is that we got a new car! A 2012 Ford Fusion. The vehicle guy came over and said that he wanted to trade bike racks from the car he was driving, with our old corolla's bike rack. I said okay and asked how he wanted to do it. He told me to just take his car. I looked and it was a brand new fusion. Made my day haha. It is the coolest car in the mission behind the mini vans.

We heard a story about a kid named Jabari Parker? A Mormon basketball player that is better than LeBron? Some member told us he was on Sports Illustrated, so that sounded cool.

We also got permission to go and watch the guy in our ward try to qualify for the Olympics. He missed the A cut by .05 seconds! But he has more chances. It was really cool.

Well I love you all and miss you! Have a great week and thanks for the prayers!

Love Elder Christiansen

PS sorry for the short letters... I really do love you all though! ;)

Something cool I learned today. I hope I quote it right. It went something like,"We can't have physical evidences for everything because that goes against the doctrine of agency." It was from Elder Cook's talk at conference. It was pretty cool!


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