Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7th, 2012

Well this last week was pretty good! First of all to my aunt Karin who wanted help with her Book of Mormon class, read the October 2011 ensign of the Book of Mormon, it is so golden, the lesson will be AWESOME if you use it!

Last week I got impetigo everybody was just looking at it when I would talk to them haha. But I got medicine and it is clearing up, so that is good haha. But it was pretty funny.

Also we were biking the other day in the street and there was this little girl on her bike on the sidewalk with training wheels going the other way. And her older sister was with her, and the little girl was just staring at us, so I asked her if she wanted to race (in a nice voice of course haha) and she just kept staring at us and she ran off the sidewalk and fell off her bike! But she landed on her feet so that was good, it was pretty funny and I also felt kind of bad at the same time. That I guess would be my funny story for the week.

I was reading this morning about grace in the Ensign and it was really good! It was from Elder Bednar in the April Ensign of this year titled "The Atonement"? It talked about how grace gives us power and strength and how a lot of times when we are facing a lot of hard trials we pray for the trials to go away, but we should be praying to have the strength to get through the trials, so that was pretty cool. Examples in the Book of Mormon was with Nephi being bound by his brothers, and Alma and his people being in bondage. It was a new perspective for me.

I have really gotten into reading the Ensigns. I learn so much from them and my appreciation for knowledge has grown. I hope I can apply that to school work after the mission because I have realized just how AWESOME it is to learn! And there is no limit either. I have learned so much in these past months, and not just facts and skills, but attributes also. We can always learn and grow. And when there is opposition we can grow even more! Opposition is for our good and is needed for spiritual growth.

A cool quote I heard this week was something like,"In order to receive all the Father has, giving all we have is required."

This week, the recent convert we baptized told us she is engaged! I am hoping that I will still be in Florida when they get sealed in a year! That would be so awesome. It was pretty cool news. This week we also had the opportunity to give a couple of blessings. The Priesthood is so real. And I am grateful to have it. I think the priesthood is just all about love. It is there to help and serve others and of course for the salvation of God's children. We have a pretty good hospital here and so there are patients from all around, so sometimes we get random calls to go and give a blessing to someone. It is always a great experience. The people we get to meet, even though we don't know them, we seem to be able to just love them right away and they love us right away. I know that that wouldn't be possible in any other work except in this work, God's work. The blessings of being able to be a missionary and serve others is so AWESOME!

Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support!

Elder Christiansen

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