Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 29th, 2012

So this letter will be short because I wrote the President a lot and kind of ran out of time. And if I write president a lot, it means it was a good week! We have an investigator who is doing just great! She is reading the RS book, Book of Mormon, and Gospel Principles Book. #TMS? She is awesome! She has a date for the 16th.

It has been raining a lot! I love it. We played soccer in the rain yesterday, it was really fun. There is an Elder here who played on BYU Hawaii's soccer team and is really good.

Things are going great here. With using in lessons, it is really fun and the lessons are more diverse and better I think, so we are having a lot of fun with that.

We helped lay some tile for a service project on Saturday, I woke up for church at 5:45 the next morning and felt like a train had hit me in the middle of the night haha. I hurt so bad at church.

It was pretty cool because we went to this one guy's house and he had forgotten his inhaler at work and he was all worried about how he maybe was going to have to call an ambulance that night in case he had an attack, and so when he said that story, I just gave him mine because I have a lot and he realized how God answer's prayers and his faith was strengthened because of that, so that was pretty cool.

The member's here are so awesome! I love them more and more every week. I hope they love me more and more every week haha. But this ward is really cool and I am learning SO MUCH!

We might go on a temple tour with an investigator tomorrow, those are sooooo awesome! You walk around the temple and a guy talks about the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, temples, etc. and they are really spiritual. So I am excited to go tomorrow to that. We are going with our awesome investigator. She lives by a member and earlier today we went to teach here at the member's house, and the member was suppose to pick her up and when we got there, the member answered the door and told us she went to knock on the investigator's door, her roommates answered and they said that she had run away. I was tripping! Luckily she was kidding and the investigator was around the corner laughing. And then we had a cool lesson with her.

Love you guys!
Thanks for the prayers and letters!

Elder Christiansen

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