Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12th, 2012

So just to start out with a quote that I heard this week on exchanges, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." When the Elder that I was on the exchange with said that, well first of all, it invited the Spirit, the members we were teaching loved it, and it really hit me pretty hard. It is so cool to be in a lesson with someone and to get taught even though you are the "teacher". It has happened so many times in my short time here in Florida. So this week I have really been working on having charity. SO HARD sometimes, but when you get little tastes of  it, it is an amazing feeling and everything is just a lot better. I think it is so hard to have charity because if you have it, you have pretty much every Christ like attribute (my own opinion haha).
On another note, more temporal... Last Prep-Day we went golfing with an in-active member. It was my first time golfing in tooooo long. We only had time to play 9 holes, but it was a great opportunity. The member we went with hadn't gone to church in 20 years and he has come 2 times in the past 4 or 3 weeks. Super coool!
Another side note, today we are deep cleaning (really cleaning the house, we have to do it the 5th week of every transfer). This past week we have had quite a lot of gnats or some little bug in our house, we thought it was just because of the garbage can, but as I was cleaning today, I went to the pantry (a lot of random food gathers in it from missionaries) and on the top shelf in the back, there were ancient potatoes like dripping some stuff all over and there were so many gnats! Super gross. So much for thinking we had a pretty clean apartment. So we are trying to fix that problem soon haha.
This week we had the opportunity to work with members. We taught the most member lessons this last week that I have ever taught. We learned a new cool way to work with the members and it looks like it will be helping out the work quite a bit. My companion has quite of bit of baptisms and said 0 of them are from his own finds, so we have to work with members. It is a blessing to work with them. We had a lot of cool experiences this week because we got to see the Spirit touch them and get them excited about missionary. It was super cool. It is such a blessing to see the Spirit teach and touch the members this week.
Well wish I could tell you all everything, but just not enough time.
I love and miss you all, thanks for the prayers!
Elder Christiansen   

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