Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 26th, 2012

So this last week was pretty sweet! We had been struggling for a while, but we have seen a lot of people that have been prepared by the Lord recently. It is really cool! There are always blessings especially after trials and difficulties.

On a bad note, I broke my rim on my bike this week, which means I have to get a new one. Here in Clermont/Minneola, there aren't a lot of sidewalks, so if there is no bike lane, you either ride in the road, or on loose sand. And we switch the sides on which we ride depending on which lane the cars are in. We were riding on the opposite side and a car was coming and I was going really fast due to the hills here and I pulled of to the left to get out of the road, but then there was a big tree in my way so I had to go even more left and there was a little cement ditch and so I just decided to jump it instead of braking #adrenaline. And I didn't clear it all. So my back tire hit really hard and bent. My bad. So right now my bike is in the shop and I'm riding a different missionaries' bike.

This week we had a couple of really awesome lessons! There are some people who are ready to make changes in their lives and at least listen to us! We told one guy that general conference was coming up and we told him we could go watch it at the church and he said he would prefer to fly to Salt Lake to watch it there! He is super cool and a real truth seeker (that's what we call him). He really liked the idea of a prophet on the earth today.

A funny thing that happened this week was we had a lesson with this lady and I was saying the opening prayer and all of a sudden I heard a big bite. I looked up and my companion did too and she did too all at the same time. She was eating an apple before the prayer, but I guess she had gotten hungry in the middle of it and so decided to take a super loud/big bite haha. So we had to start again. It probably doesn't sound funny over email (hate it when I tell a story and it isn't as funny as it seemed it was.) but it was super funny in the moment. haha.

I also had the best dinner that I have had on my mission at a Filipino's house! Soooo goood. There was tator tot casserole, alfredo fish???, some super good pork or something, and then asparagus with something like soy sauce on it that made it super good.

We taught a lesson today right as Prep-Day started that was a super awesome lesson too!

We are seeing so many blessings right now, we are running into people on the streets that were members and weren't on our records and just other really random stuff. Super cool.

The Lord knows what is best for us and what we need! I am super excited for General Conference and for the opportunity to receive personal revelation through the Spirit. I am excited to write down some questions and to find answers to them this Saturday and Sunday! I hope we all can take advantage of this opportunity that we have to listen to a modern day prophet and apostles.

I love and miss you all, thank you so much for the prayers! We are blessed so much because of them.


Elder Christiansen

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